A parenting thought

I see many posts and statuses and what have you that are anti-princess for our daughters. Why do I follow these types of blogs or pages? Cause at the heart of it they are feminist blogs and I like the majority of what they have to say. But every once in a while they irk me.

Sometimes I feel they take it just a bit farther than it needs to go. Such as the anti-princess types. If we want well rounded kids, kids that are true to themselves, kids that stand up for what they believe in, then why should we teach them to hate princesses?

No tiaras, no sparkle, no princess, no this, no that. I get that you don't want your daughter to grow up being stuffed into the "princess" role, neither do I. But taking apart beloved fairy tale characters, or rather the Disney versions of them isn't helping anyone. What if your daughter really loves, and I mean loves wearing sparkly dresses? Or wants to be the fairy princess, all the time?

What if your son loves princesses just as much as your daughter? Like mine does. He loves sparkles and tiaras and Rapunzel from Tangled, and Merida from Brave, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid are just a few of their favorites. Isn't part of feminism teaching boys that it's ok to like whatever they like? That it doesn't matter if it's a "girl" toy, it's just a toy and he can play with it.

How confusing for kids would it be to say no "daughter" you can't pretend to be a sparkly princess, but yes "son" please go right ahead and be the most beautiful princess there is? Maybe I view it this way cause I have a son and a daughter. But then again I let my son play Tinker Bell and be a fairy long before I had my own daughter.

But then again I was the girl in the pretty poofy dress that would go play in the dirt. Why? Cause my mom let me be who I was, not who I should be. 

So I'm not anti-princess, or anti anything (not meaning I'm not anti-bullying cause I am) but I don't think I would take away any toy or game from a kid cause it didn't fit what I thought they should be.

Except teletubbies, never ever will my kids play with teletubbies, but that's another blog post.

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