A Beautiful Mess of a Family #iPPP

So the girls over at A Beautiful Mess came out with an iPhone photo app and I'm in LOVE with it.

 On Mother's Day me, the kids and aunt Tina went out to the Hudson Valley Mayfaire. Ariel got herself a crown that she prefers me to wear. AJ got some pirate booty.

The blog here has gotten some changes going on. A button, a new about me photo link, new social buttons, new color scheme, all because I made myself a new header.

The hair is back to red for a bit, but it's kind of like Ariel red, the mermaid not my daughter, so I'm alright with it. I had to go with AJ's dad to family court and update our custody/visitation papers. Since the purple dye was washing out of my hair and looked funky, in the bad way, and if I tried to redo it I would be stained purple for a few days I figured a "normal" hair dye color would be a safer bet. Thankfully it went quick, once we got in to see the judge, she was very happy to hear we agreed with each other. I also made myself a new bed, a platform one.

Best way to start the day, a cuppa Ariel.


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