Faerie Cuddles and Mermaid Hair #iPPP

This week I caught a very nasty stomach bug, luckily I felt wrong before I ingested anything solid and I think that helped a lot. This was Ariel's attempt at trying to cheer me up. 

I felt much better the next day so me and Ariel made this, I can't find the link I got the idea off of and can't remember the name. I want to say faerie catcher but that's not right. So I call it the faerie hanger thingy. Of course when I hung it up there was no wind and I happened to catch Ariel trying to blow it.

 Ariel, my little punk rock baby. We found a Hello Kitty fedora on clearance at Target. How freaking cute does she look in it?

Then again she's freaking cute without the hat too  ^.^

My business cards came in! Yay!

Got the pink dye and threw it in my hair to see how it would look, now I don't want to mix them before putting them in my hair when the color comes out. How awesome does my mermaid hair look?

Cuddles  <3


Don't Be Shellfish {Daily Mermaid}

I'm proud to say as a backer, a small one, that the Coney Island Mermaid Parade is saved! The project is open till the 3rd but they are beyond their goal today. I'm so happy and I'm hoping to actually go this year. Check it out at SaveMermaids.org

A parenting thought

I see many posts and statuses and what have you that are anti-princess for our daughters. Why do I follow these types of blogs or pages? Cause at the heart of it they are feminist blogs and I like the majority of what they have to say. But every once in a while they irk me.

Sometimes I feel they take it just a bit farther than it needs to go. Such as the anti-princess types. If we want well rounded kids, kids that are true to themselves, kids that stand up for what they believe in, then why should we teach them to hate princesses?

No tiaras, no sparkle, no princess, no this, no that. I get that you don't want your daughter to grow up being stuffed into the "princess" role, neither do I. But taking apart beloved fairy tale characters, or rather the Disney versions of them isn't helping anyone. What if your daughter really loves, and I mean loves wearing sparkly dresses? Or wants to be the fairy princess, all the time?

What if your son loves princesses just as much as your daughter? Like mine does. He loves sparkles and tiaras and Rapunzel from Tangled, and Merida from Brave, and Ariel from The Little Mermaid are just a few of their favorites. Isn't part of feminism teaching boys that it's ok to like whatever they like? That it doesn't matter if it's a "girl" toy, it's just a toy and he can play with it.

How confusing for kids would it be to say no "daughter" you can't pretend to be a sparkly princess, but yes "son" please go right ahead and be the most beautiful princess there is? Maybe I view it this way cause I have a son and a daughter. But then again I let my son play Tinker Bell and be a fairy long before I had my own daughter.

But then again I was the girl in the pretty poofy dress that would go play in the dirt. Why? Cause my mom let me be who I was, not who I should be. 

So I'm not anti-princess, or anti anything (not meaning I'm not anti-bullying cause I am) but I don't think I would take away any toy or game from a kid cause it didn't fit what I thought they should be.

Except teletubbies, never ever will my kids play with teletubbies, but that's another blog post.

Generation Rescue {Sevenly}

Generation Rescue is the leading national organization that provides hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Time for Action

Damn I never stop!

I always knew that I never stopped moving but I got myself a pedometer when I signed up for Weight Watchers again and holy crap! Yesterday I wore it out to the parade. I didn't put it on till noon and I took it off before I went to sleep. But this was my recorded steps for the day. 

Mayfaire for Mother's Day

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="670,671,672,673"]

So for Mother's Day the kids and I plus our favorite rennie Christina went out to the Mayfaire. AJ felt that we had lied to him and kept calling it the little tiny faire. I think he thought we were going to the one she works at, the NYRF, not yet little buddy not yet. As a happy surprise I got in for free for being a mother and a bonus of flowers.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="669,668,667"]

AJ was very interested in the pretty sharp things, aka the swords table. Which of course is where Christina was hanging out with Rennie friends.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="666,665,664,663"]

It was a fun day, and since it was little tiny as AJ said the faeries got to actually run free.

Fallen but Not Forgotten {Sevenly}

This week's cause is close to me as I have many friends in the Armed Forces, some that have been injured and some that have done their time and are ok, like my stepdad and a very brave close friend of mine.

This is the shirt I have chosen to receive I hope I get it  =]

Then a frog was on the window #iPPP

We had a beach day at Target, Ariel got a new swimsuit. I redid my purple hair with Maniac Panic and I need to get purple and pink next time and mix them together, otherwise it's all good, color is better, lasting well, and wasn't all runny. Bonus points it washed off the few parts of my skin it got on in a day! I also found an incredible score at Target, Polaroid camera and film! Woot woot!

Also we had a frog on the window in the middle of the night. I don't like frogs much.


iPhone Scales {Daily Mermaid}

Hey hey hey, have you checked out Colour Lovers? It's really fun, I've been using it to work out colors for logos and my blogs. It's really fun. I made my first color palette and turned it into a pattern. 

Pretty neat isn't it? Oh and this is an iPhone sized image, you can download it here to use on your iPhone. Don't forget to shop by my Etsy shop for custom designs.

Here's the thing ...

So if we are friends in real life or on the interwebz you have probably noticed I'm pretty much all about gay rights. Especially with the whole gay marriage thing going around.

You know why? Cause I'm gay, well part gay.


 I'm pansexual, most people would consider it bisexual, but basically I love who I love, I like who I like, I'm attract to who I'm attracted to. Gender doesn't really matter to me, so while I like girls, I don't like them because they are girls, I'm just attracted to them. Same with guys, I like the ones I like.

That's why when I read stories about gay husbands being banned from their sick husband's room by family that has no right to make medical decisions AND they had gone through the proper government channels to be recognized as each other's primary decision makers that it hits me so personally. That's why I fight for people to realized that being gay isn't a choice.

Take a minute to just think of how stupid that line of thought is. Why would someone choose to be different in such a way that gets them constantly teased, picked on, bullied, disowned, and sometimes KILLED for being that way. It's just how we are. I didn't watch up one day and think hey I'm going to start liking girls. Just one day I realized that I've been checking girls out with my guy friends in the same way I check guys out with my girl friends. I find someone attractive and that's it.

But what gets me thinking is what if when I finally get married, if I ever do (not a pity thing just tired of relationships) what if I wind up wanting to marry a girl? What if the love of my life, my true love is a woman? I don't want to be refused certain rights as a couple just cause we are the same gender. We deserve the same rights as straight married couples.

Marriage is about Love, and Love is Blind.

At Heart {Daily Mermaid}

via Merbellas
At heart I will always be a mermaid, a beach bum, and laugh as you will thanks to the show but I will be a Jersey shore girl. For me there is no beach like the Jersey shore, I might change my mind if I ever get to Hawaii some day, I've heard those beaches are amazing. I can't wait to take my mermaid girl down to the beach this summer. 

Becoming {Daily Mermaid}

So my Adorkable shirt came and I wore it yesterday! So comfy. And it fits nicely, was a little worried since its one size fits all.

Redid the purple using maniac panic. Not quite the same shade but I'm digging it. Maybe next time I will get some pink and mix them together. 

Slowly but surely I'm becoming a mermaid  ^.^ 

Summer is coming {Daily Mermaid}

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Today is one of those days when you can definitely feel summer coming. It's hot, like making it muggy inside with all the windows open hot. Making me not want to clean up the mess my kids made cause it's just a lot of work kind of hot. The kids have been in and out of the wading pool and sprinkle all day, right now we are actually inside. Ariel is napping, AJ is playing Angry Birds and I decided to actually get some work done. Though to be honest while I was redoing my hair purple I was reading the book I have to review. Hello addicting sci fi! I'm trying to actually keep the dye in my hair as long as possible, we'll see how long that winds up being.

Must be {Daily Mermaid}

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This about sums it up.

Adorkably Excited {Daily Mermaid}

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So did I tell you guys that I have one of these shirts coming my way?!?!?! I'm so excited, now if only I had Traci's stomach. Also I'm going to half put my mermaid dream into reality soon {hint=new tattoo soon}.

I'm been playing around over on Moon in a Cup, I gave myself a new logo. I'm going to be making one for here too. I'm also going to be adding custom design options on my Etsy shop. Definitely be on the lookout for that. And how are you liking the new header and little things on here?

Spring Finale


Looking back on all my photos I took with this challenge was fun. I picked a few of my favorites to share for the finale.

Splish Splash

Splish Splash goes the rain on the pavement. I need to invest in a water guard for my camera so I can get closer.


Sadly this will be the last challenge for my purple converse sneakers. They are falling apart. I will miss them.


Since I had taken so many flowers already and couldn't get over that we don't have lilacs anymore I made our flowers purple!


I shared my dreams with you all. Soon the dream of being a mermaid will be a half reality ......


And I let you all in on the secret of the Faerie Household .... home to us is where we can be weird.

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition

Have you heard of Sevenly?

Sevenly is some awesomesauce stuff. Each week they have a cause and $7 from each purchase to the cause. It's an amazing thing, and I love that it's not like those $1 causes.

A Beautiful Mess of a Family #iPPP

So the girls over at A Beautiful Mess came out with an iPhone photo app and I'm in LOVE with it.

 On Mother's Day me, the kids and aunt Tina went out to the Hudson Valley Mayfaire. Ariel got herself a crown that she prefers me to wear. AJ got some pirate booty.

The blog here has gotten some changes going on. A button, a new about me photo link, new social buttons, new color scheme, all because I made myself a new header.

The hair is back to red for a bit, but it's kind of like Ariel red, the mermaid not my daughter, so I'm alright with it. I had to go with AJ's dad to family court and update our custody/visitation papers. Since the purple dye was washing out of my hair and looked funky, in the bad way, and if I tried to redo it I would be stained purple for a few days I figured a "normal" hair dye color would be a safer bet. Thankfully it went quick, once we got in to see the judge, she was very happy to hear we agreed with each other. I also made myself a new bed, a platform one.

Best way to start the day, a cuppa Ariel.