A week with my girl #iPPP

I had a wonderful head shots shoot with Alison at Being Alison this week, to celebrate me and miss cranky went to Target and then to the park. Ariel got new hair accessories! A bow headband, modeled by me I look fabulous I know, and Hello Kitty bows, cause ya know I have kawaii kids.

When did she get so freaking big?

The Faerie Household, well the girls anyway, wished Magaly at Pagan Culture a Happy Birthday today! Hope you had a faerie blessed day my wicked darling! 

I went through my crate o' books and found two books that brought about very different feelings.  The first was my Wreck This Journal which brought creativity to mind, excitement, something new to do. The second made me smile then made me teary eyed. It's a cutesy little book, the field guide to Faeries from Spiderwick but with space for you to write your own observations. That was the part that made me smile. The fact that my ex-fiance was the one that got it for me made me a little teary eyed. There are lots of things, including the blanket I sleep with, that were gifts from him. We were together for 3+ years so yeah. I also have a few things that he left that I had gotten him. Though I didn't start crying I did write a sappy FB post.



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