Faerie Barista plays Easter Bunny

Easter here was a .... interesting affair to say the least. Me and the kids had a fun time opening their Easter buckets in the morning. Ariel was still pretty tired but once AJ took his bucket down, she popped up. I'm only a little sorry I didn't get them in their Easter outfits together, Ariel had a little bit of a stomach bug accident on her dress.

Ariel's Hello Kitty stickers wound up on my wall this time. I noticed after I took the picture of myself wearing her little tiara that it looked like I had Hello Kitty on the brain. Nice, happy accident.

The interesting part came during dinner but I'm not going to go through that here, just leave it to say that two of my family members went a little crazier than usual. It also was quite the kick in the butt to get motivated on increasing my income. I looked around and since I'm pretty sure I want to rent a house, not an apartment I need to make more than $2,000 a month in order to start seriously looking to get out, not to mention I need to get myself a car again. Anyhoo that's a story for another post.

We also made glitter eggs!

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How was your Easter?

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