Party Over Here {Ultimate Blog Party}

 Who am I?

Amanda Jillian. Artist. Mom. Starbucks Addict. Faerie Lover.

I'm also a Freelance Photographer, wannabe writer, and a single mom of two. 

This space {aka blog} is my personal space. This is where I write about what I want to. I post my professional and non professional photos and thoughts. I own Moon in a Cup. I have ads on my blog here, yeah get over it. I use coupons and get freebies. Most money I make go straight to my little mischief makers. Needs or wants I try to get them all covered. Currently I'm working my butt off to get us our own place, we live with my grandparents {and that needs to change}. 

So take a ride down the rabbit hole so to speak and come follow the Faerie household's adventures.

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