My Mischievous Faeries

Otherwise known as my children.

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My son AJ is nicknamed Monster, and well it's pretty self-explanatory if you ever met him. Don't get me wrong, he can be sweet and a little angel, but mostly you will find him a blur of energy flying past you, if you're lucky. He's my New Years boy, and just turned 4, and tells everyone we meet, even if they don't ask. He can count to 20, though he might like to pretend to mess up depending on his mood. He can say his ABCs and is actually quite thrilled to start pre-K in the fall.

The darling girl called Ariel is nicknamed Mermaid, but you can't guess why? Oh cause her name is Ariel? Nope not completely. She is my miracle girl, When I was about 30 weeks along I started leaking fluid and was admitted into the hospital. During my daily non-stress tests she would kick the monitor and swim away the nurses started calling her Mermaid, before I informed them her name was Ariel. She will be turning 2 years old on Star Wars Day (bonus points if you know when that is) and has quite the attitude on her. Don't know where she gets that from.

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