Happy {Daily Mermaid}

So this weird thing has happened.... I'm HAPPY. Truly happy. True I get sad or depressed, sometimes disappointed, but overall I'm happy. It's weird, since you know I'm the depression/mania girl. But I am, and I'm loving it.

This all started when I got my own phone line, if you hadn't heard I was on a family plan with my ex he defaulted so I got my own line. It's been weirdly empowering. Like I cut a cord to my ex, to my past. Which means I have also decided to spread this empowering feeling by getting rid of anything that bugs me, which means I went into my OCD spring cleaning/organizing mode. So I've been a little distracted but it's a GOOD thing. Hopefully I will finish today and get back to work cause I've got over 500 emails in my inbox.


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