Green Beauty

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This week's prompt for Nurture Photography Spring 2013 is Green/Nature. I usually take my nature shots out in the backyard or at the park. But since it's Spring and our front yard has such beautiful colors I took a minute or two by myself and took some close ups.

into the green

It's always nice when I get some time to myself while the sun is out and about. It was a little chilly but still nice out.

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Such lovely green growing things.

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Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition


  1. Lovely, lovely shots! I love the combo of green and purple :)

  2. Nothing better than taking a couple minutes to soak up the beauty! How lucky that it's in your front yard- you don't have to go far! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful blooms for our Nurture Photography Challenge! Tomorrow we move onto our Lilac/Flower theme and it looks like you won't be lacking for subjects! :)

  3. Thank you =]

  4. I combined a creative project idea with the Lilac/Flower prompt for Nurture Photography just about to post it =]


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