A day in the Faerie Barista's Life

I've thinking about this for a while (aka not a rebuttal to someone's opinion of Disappointed). I've seen a few fellow bloggers do this, and let's get honest I need to start pushing myself to blog more so I need more topics.

A day with the Faerie Barista


A normal day here starts usually between 8 and 9am. Earlier if my son, AJ is home, he rises with the sun that one. Ariel is more a mellow take it as it goes kid, as in turn on the TV and you can get a few more minutes in bed. Either one is fine it's just that AJ usually tries to take his sister outside while I'm taking my morning meds.

If it's a nice day I'll take the kids outside to play and take photos sometimes or just drink my coffee and check in on social media. If I'm feeling really awake I'll start going through my emails on my phone.


Whenever the kids or sometimes me get hungry we go inside for lunch. I'll whip something up for them. Sometimes myself. I'm not the best eater I usually wind up snacking on something through out the day. Empty the dish washer, clean the counters, sweep and vacuum if the floors need it. I will declare it shower time, then it's nap time for Ariel. If AJ is home it's usually a time for him to quiet down and calm down a bit, this usually never happens.

Nap time is usually my time to get down to work. Or I fold clothes if laundry is done.


  • Checking emails for any blogging opps & comments
  • Editing photos
  • Checking in on social media 
  • Write up a blog post or two or on a really good day all 3 of my sites
  • Tweak pages/check stats
  • Work on my Services page 
  • Check more emails 
  • Try to catch up on blogs that I read 
  • See if I have any deadlines on blog parties


By this time it's usually dinner time

So I figure out what we are having for dinner. Do any dishes if I haven't done them earlier. Force myself to eat something if I haven't yet in the day, sometimes I really do just go an entire day on coffee alone. This is not an attempt at losing weight, I honestly just forget. Vacuum if I need to. Pick up toys, clean messes that have been made since earlier. Sometimes I take the kids back outside if it's still nice out. Try to get some work done (like I am now). Or I start laundry.


Usually the hardest part of the day, since the kids are starting to become night owls. We sit down and watch some TV usually the only time I can watch one of my shows (the TV is constantly on during the day either nick jr. or Disney Jr. they do not however watch it constantly I just forget to turn it off). Basically I bore them to sleep. Or if I'm tired we put in a movie usually The Little Mermaid or Brave, sometimes Tinker Bell. After they finally knock out it is me time.

Me time

This usually is just me going back to doing work. Sometimes I can manage to go out for a little bit if Papa is awake enough to listen for the kids, but that is usually when I need to run to the store. If I have some I drink a glass or two of wine and watch one of the many shows I have saved on DVR. Most times I usually pour myself a cup of coffee and get down to work with one of my DVR shows playing on the TV while I half pay attention to it. I usually wind up going to sleep after midnight, sometimes later if I have put off doing the laundry too long.

That is pretty much a standard day at the Faerie Household. Along the way I have a few cigarettes yes I know it's a bad habit but every time I try to quit too much winds up going on. I drink some coffee. I usually do some sort of exercise if the kids let me and I give myself a stern enough talking to. When we need to and have the car we run errands. Some days I have therapy to get to, or doctor appointments. Things are a bit more mellow lately since my grandma is in the hospital right now for I usually help her and my papa out with whatever they need to me to do.

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