Cyber Bullying Not Just a Kid Problem

Cyber Bullying by ShadowRenegade6785

When you think of cyber bullying you probably think of kids right? Calling each other names, telling each other to kill themselves. Teen girls sending sexts and then the whole school finding out. But in this day when there are so many adult bloggers, mommy bloggers, and everyone is online it's not just about kids. I was cyber bullied. Thankfully I'm happy and it was a pack of lies and I know this and it just made me giggle but it got me thinking. So I decide that I would post some facts and help info about Cyber Bullying.

Cyber Bullying

Legal definition

Cyberbullying is defined in legal glossaries as 
  • actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm another or others. 
  • use of communication technologies for the intention of harming another person 
  • use of internet service and mobile technologies such as web pages and discussion groups as well as instant messaging or SMS text messaging with the intention of harming another person. 

From Wikipedia

Frequency of Cyberbullying

  • Over 95% of teenagers use social networking sites to communicate with peers.
  • Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 in 4 has had it happen more than once.
  • 70% of students report seeing frequent bullying online.
  • 81% of young people think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.
  • 53% of kids admit having said something mean or hurtful to another person online. More than 1 in 3 have done it more than once.
  • “Hyper-networking” teens (those who spend more than three hours per school day on online social networks) are 110% more likely to be a victim of cyberbullying, compared to those who don’t spend as much time on social networks.
  • 1 in 10 adolescents or teens have had embarrassing or damaging pictures taken of themselves without their permission, often using cell phones.
Now imagine the feeling it would put on a mom or on an adult online when bullied by someone their own age. Imagine a mom with postpartum depression getting told online she's a horrible mother. Imagine an adult with any mental illness being bullied and told they are worthless.

 Point is bullying in any form, and at any age is just wrong. Not everyone is as strong as me, or able to laugh it off like I did.

Sources & more reading on cyber bullying: 

Swimming Free {Daily Mermaid}

Swimming free
Washing the sins away
Life can get hard
But the sea cleanses all away.


underwater tale by ~fly10

In her eyes

In her eyes

In her eyes I see the world. I see a big life ahead of her. I see ups and downs. Loves and heartbreaks.

Frisky {Daily Mermaid}

Amazing how just a little change to a regular character can make them go from sweet and innocent to frisky grown characters. 

Sometimes it's hard to remember that people grow up. It makes me think about when Disney actors grow up and leave the Disney world in order to do something grown, we act like it's a big surprise. Not me. They grew up. They aren't cartoons drawn a certain way and preserved like that for all time. They are people. They grow. They change.


Risque Mermaid by ~HannahMarie182



Just a rare moment with my boy, he said mommy take my photo. He held still long enough to take a photo of him. This does not happen often, but it is happening more.

Unique Beauty {Daily Mermaid}

Beauty isn't all pretty. Sometimes it's harsh and makes you think. Art is suppose to make you think. It should open you up to new things. Free your mind. Inspire you. Make you want to be a better person.


The Mermaid by ~KatjaFaith

Turning Flowers Purple

side by side

This week's prompt for Nurture Photography Spring 2013 Challenge was Lilac/Flower, since we no longer have a lilac bush much to my dismay I decided to create my own by using a Creative Photography idea.


[gallery type="rectangular" ids="533,532,531,530,529,528,527,526,525,524"]

It was a lot of fun, and made me very happy that I had decided to get a purple hair scarf.


Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition

There's a little mermaid in all of us {Daily Mermaid}


Mermaid Lady by ~lightuppanda

Sweetly {Daily Mermaid}

Are not mermaids sweet?
Wendy ~ Peter Pan
Sweet yes, but not just sugar. Mermaids have bite. The mermaids from Pirates of the Caribbean come to mind. Oh how great were those mermaids? I like to think of them as vampire mermaids. Our minds have been filled with mermaids like Ariel from The Little Mermaid, but they are not all longing for land and love. There are many stories surrounding mermaids, some say they are immortal for their hearts are as cold as the sea, some say they are pretty but man eaters. It all depends on how you want to look at them. Personally I think it depends on the mermaid, just like it depends on a person.


MermaidWorld2 by ~TeddyMermaidLover

Happy {Daily Mermaid}

So this weird thing has happened.... I'm HAPPY. Truly happy. True I get sad or depressed, sometimes disappointed, but overall I'm happy. It's weird, since you know I'm the depression/mania girl. But I am, and I'm loving it.

This all started when I got my own phone line, if you hadn't heard I was on a family plan with my ex he defaulted so I got my own line. It's been weirdly empowering. Like I cut a cord to my ex, to my past. Which means I have also decided to spread this empowering feeling by getting rid of anything that bugs me, which means I went into my OCD spring cleaning/organizing mode. So I've been a little distracted but it's a GOOD thing. Hopefully I will finish today and get back to work cause I've got over 500 emails in my inbox.


Locketship Mermaid by ~TheRealLittleMermaid

The Kraken Never Looked So Good {Daily Mermaid}

If they terror of the sea looked this good I would make Davy Jones my personal enemy. He would spend his days cursing my name and his nights dreaming of my capture.


Kraken Shop Logo by *Miss-Cherry-Martini

Becoming {Daily Mermaid}

Childhood toys
Leave them behind
Take them with you

Grow old and remember
Stay young and play

One with your toys
Don't leave them behind
Bring them with you


Childhood by ~WishAndDream

Green Beauty

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="512,513,514,515,511,510"]


This week's prompt for Nurture Photography Spring 2013 is Green/Nature. I usually take my nature shots out in the backyard or at the park. But since it's Spring and our front yard has such beautiful colors I took a minute or two by myself and took some close ups.

into the green

It's always nice when I get some time to myself while the sun is out and about. It was a little chilly but still nice out.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="508,507"]

Such lovely green growing things.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="506,505,504"]

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition

The Faerie Girls Week #iPPP

Faerie Girls!


Free {Daily Mermaid}

Under the sea
Hair floating around me

A funny thing is happening lately. I still feel sad about my break up, I'm still upset, but I'm smiling more, I feel happy. I'm excited. I feel even though things have been bad that they won't be bad forever.

Grandma is at the nursing home/rehab center, I'm taking Ariel to see her in a little while. The house is clean, I've been getting work done. I got a couple of books coming in the mail to review, a few other things going on. I'm on Day 3 of the 30 Day Squat Challenge and already there is a difference, which is an amazing motivator.

I feel like my sparkle is coming back. Also I have red/purple hair now.


Little Mermaidby ~franniedottp

Reviving the Daily Mermaid

What is the daily mermaid? It was a feature I was doing everyday to jump start my creative juices. I went a lax on it with everything going on but I miss it.

The thing I love about doing the daily mermaid? Showcasing some great artists on my favorite social media platform: deviantART. If you haven't looked into do it now.

Along with an image will usually be some words, emotions, poetry, anything the image inspires in me. Sometimes it's just the image it's self.


Part of the world by ~mizukimochizuki

A day in the Faerie Barista's Life

I've thinking about this for a while (aka not a rebuttal to someone's opinion of Disappointed). I've seen a few fellow bloggers do this, and let's get honest I need to start pushing myself to blog more so I need more topics.

A day with the Faerie Barista


A normal day here starts usually between 8 and 9am. Earlier if my son, AJ is home, he rises with the sun that one. Ariel is more a mellow take it as it goes kid, as in turn on the TV and you can get a few more minutes in bed. Either one is fine it's just that AJ usually tries to take his sister outside while I'm taking my morning meds.

If it's a nice day I'll take the kids outside to play and take photos sometimes or just drink my coffee and check in on social media. If I'm feeling really awake I'll start going through my emails on my phone.


Whenever the kids or sometimes me get hungry we go inside for lunch. I'll whip something up for them. Sometimes myself. I'm not the best eater I usually wind up snacking on something through out the day. Empty the dish washer, clean the counters, sweep and vacuum if the floors need it. I will declare it shower time, then it's nap time for Ariel. If AJ is home it's usually a time for him to quiet down and calm down a bit, this usually never happens.

Nap time is usually my time to get down to work. Or I fold clothes if laundry is done.


  • Checking emails for any blogging opps & comments
  • Editing photos
  • Checking in on social media 
  • Write up a blog post or two or on a really good day all 3 of my sites
  • Tweak pages/check stats
  • Work on my Services page 
  • Check more emails 
  • Try to catch up on blogs that I read 
  • See if I have any deadlines on blog parties


By this time it's usually dinner time

So I figure out what we are having for dinner. Do any dishes if I haven't done them earlier. Force myself to eat something if I haven't yet in the day, sometimes I really do just go an entire day on coffee alone. This is not an attempt at losing weight, I honestly just forget. Vacuum if I need to. Pick up toys, clean messes that have been made since earlier. Sometimes I take the kids back outside if it's still nice out. Try to get some work done (like I am now). Or I start laundry.


Usually the hardest part of the day, since the kids are starting to become night owls. We sit down and watch some TV usually the only time I can watch one of my shows (the TV is constantly on during the day either nick jr. or Disney Jr. they do not however watch it constantly I just forget to turn it off). Basically I bore them to sleep. Or if I'm tired we put in a movie usually The Little Mermaid or Brave, sometimes Tinker Bell. After they finally knock out it is me time.

Me time

This usually is just me going back to doing work. Sometimes I can manage to go out for a little bit if Papa is awake enough to listen for the kids, but that is usually when I need to run to the store. If I have some I drink a glass or two of wine and watch one of the many shows I have saved on DVR. Most times I usually pour myself a cup of coffee and get down to work with one of my DVR shows playing on the TV while I half pay attention to it. I usually wind up going to sleep after midnight, sometimes later if I have put off doing the laundry too long.

That is pretty much a standard day at the Faerie Household. Along the way I have a few cigarettes yes I know it's a bad habit but every time I try to quit too much winds up going on. I drink some coffee. I usually do some sort of exercise if the kids let me and I give myself a stern enough talking to. When we need to and have the car we run errands. Some days I have therapy to get to, or doctor appointments. Things are a bit more mellow lately since my grandma is in the hospital right now for I usually help her and my papa out with whatever they need to me to do.


So you may have noticed some changes in how I've been online and in real life if you know me other than on the interwebz. You may know that my fiance dumped me, after moving to Texas, where me and the kids were suppose to go too. You may know how much this hurts me, how deeply it shattered my heart, how lost it made me feel since it changed some big plans in mine and my kids' lives.

What you probably don't know (unless you know me in person) is that we had both decided daycare fees were too much and wouldn't make it worth me getting a job outside of the house. That we had sold my car to save money after having our daughter, meaning since he moved to Texas I have to borrow a car or bum a ride to get anywhere. Including doctor appointments for the kids, and my therapy appointments. That I put my kids needs and wants before my needs. That if I have to choose between toys for my kids or shampoo for me I get them the toy. True I do have a Starbucks habit and I do smoke, but I don't go out, I always have at least one of the kids with me, I don't party, I buy myself stuff (majority of what I wind up getting for myself is freebies I find online). I do this cause I rather my kids be happy, and cause I thought we were saving up for me and the kids to move to Texas to be with my fiance.

Then I found out that he had already gotten his own apartment, and hadn't told me. I found out through Facebook. It took me 4 days of pleading through text and voicemails for him to finally tell me he doesn't love me anymore. This is not the first time we had broken up, but it will be the last.

I was going to move across the country, I loved him, I would have followed him anywhere cause when I looked in my heart I saw him. But now I can't trust him anymore.

After breaking up with me he lied to me for weeks, lied and flat out ignored me when I asked about our tax refund. Since we weren't married but I am a stay at home mom (I didn't make enough last year to file myself) he claimed not only our daughter but me as dependents. Out of what we got back I asked for $1000, for the kids. At that time I asked we were still engaged and I thought he was saving money for us to move down with him. Even after we broke up I still said I would take only $1000 so he could pay off some bills, why cause I'm nice and I still loved love him and wanted him to get out of debt.

He spent the entire tax refund. On what I have no idea. Nor do I really care. The fact remains that it's gone.

I want to make very clear that, that money was for the kids. For Ariel and AJ.

That money was go to for:
  • new car seats (their are old and grimy)
  • a new stroller (ours is old and grimy and a little broken)
  • summer clothes for the kids
and most importantly
  • to take Ariel on a trip to PA because she was going to be a flower girl in my friend's wedding.
If, if, there was money left over I was going to get a 50mm lens since it is a better lens for portraits which is what I do for a living.

I had to regrettably tell my friend to ask someone else to be her flower girl, I felt bad cause she was looking forward to having Ariel be in her wedding. I'm still hoping I can go down for the wedding.

He "says" that he is saving up to replace what he owed me, but wouldn't answer when I asked how much was saved. Our cell bill wasn't paid and the phones got shut off. Since it's seeming like I can't really trust him I went and got my own cell phone line. He did send his "child support" but since part of me giving him a break and not going through the courts was that he was suppose to pay the cell bill on time.

Basically I don't mind if he or anyone else wants to screw me over, I'm a grown up I can deal with it, but I will not deal with someone screwing over my kids. I will not deal with someone, especially one of their fathers essentially stealing money from them.

Now for the help part. I need money, yes I'm working on increasing my income. But I do need to get them the car seats, and now I need to involve a lawyer in order to get my share of the tax refund I was suppose to get for the kids. I also have to file for child support with the courts since I will be honest I was surprised (and relieved) when he sent Ariel's child support and that shouldn't happen. So no more miss nice girl. This girl is going to take him to court to get what is owed for her child.

SO I would appreciate tremendously anything if you could donate. A dollar, a penny, it doesn't matter it all adds up. And if you truly can't donate (which I completely understand) please share this post.

Also I won't be offended or upset in the slightest if you simply don't want to donate. I know its a big thing to ask, and I know it's not the normal thing to do, so no worries. This is just my swallowing my pride for my kids part of getting the funds together.

I will also be adding any money I make to my ultimate goal.

I will also accept any legal advice through my contact form.

There's a giveaway going on

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Rainy Day Photography

Go check out my post for the Nurture Photography Spring 2013 Challenge at Moon in a Cup

Splish Splash on a Rainy Day

Splish Splash

Splish Splash! Rainy day fun.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="476,475,474,473,472,471,469"]

Couldn't think of what to do, thankfully rain came our way and I tried my hand at getting little splashes. Which works as I love water. I think it would have been better had I have a 50mm lens but alas I don't. Sorry watching Jake & the Neverland Pirates with the kids. Avast ye mateys.


Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition