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Want to try something new on your mommy blog, or maybe you're a Pagan blogger and would like a free reading. I want you to head over to Generation Z Tarot and check out Kyana. Right now she is offering mommy bloggers a free reading in exchange for a honest review on the reading. She also does free mini readings on Tuesdays. I saw it on Jenn's Blah Blah Blog and decided it was a great thing, I was just saying I needed a full reading done, so thank you universe for making that happen for me.

Let's start with the fact that she used a fairy set for me <3

My main feeling while reading her reading is "spot on" I mean she has a very good take on my personality from the start. She also has a great flow in her explanation of the reading.
You are in the process of becoming the woman who can love and provide for her children, as well as act on her ideas and inspirations with the know-­‐how to convert them into material gain.
This was a line that actually made me smile, something to look forward to.  Also reminded me to have patience, ‘waiting in the wings’ is exactly how I feel lately.

Part of it feels like it could be straight from my journal how 'how the powers that be' are testing me too much, that I have a subconscious hostility to authority. That I have an aversion to traditional structures and don't want to get a regular job again. That consciously I'm trying to merge the business woman and the artist into one personality.

She noted that I felt like I had to keep from speaking my mind but that energy is being released, which if you know me in person or through someone of my multiple social medias, you know that I went from clammed up to open very recently.
Your guides are telling you to make a choice; start getting clear about your own inner values and what is it you decide you will or will not do. Again, understand that there are multiple choices around you that you can act on, as I explained in my other reading to you. But you will only be able to see them once you open yourself up to it. Once you do, make a decision and move forward with it.

She really is just a great reader. I especially love that she didn't ask a million questions and came back with such a spot on reading. I think that shows great talent. So I invite you to stop by and check out her site, and if you are a blogger definitely contact her about doing a reading.

Note I was given this reading for free, these are my honest opinions. 

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