I just had to flat out ask .... {The Blog Dare}

Where have the manners gone?

Not just in kids or teens but even the older folks are starting to lose them. If you know they ever had them. People think it's perfectly find to walk in people without saying a word. Or that it's ok to pass judgements aloud about people you know nothing about. Or to inject your opinions into a subject that is none of your business.

See I was raised to be polite and helpful.

Not that I can't be a bitch. When needed of course.  =}

But it just makes me so mad when people can't help but be rude. I don't see the need. What brings this on you might be asking yourself?

Let me tell you a story, where I make a fool of myself cause I was in pain.

Now you might remember I was having horrible migraines, that turned out to be from a sinus infection. Well once the antibiotics killed the infection they went away. But then I started getting really bad back pain. Not unusual I messed my back in a car accident years ago, what was unusual is I my tricks aren't getting rid of the pain. I should probably go to the doctor but I'm stubborn. I'll go eventually. But anyhoo back to the story.

So I was taking the kids out, I just wanted to hit the drive thru for some food for them but AJ wanted to go inside McDonald's, he likes the play place. I say fine and we go in much to their delight. Everything is going as normal. AJ is running around, Ariel is eating. Of course I forgot that AJ had been eating chocolate earlier.

Running + Chocolate = Vomit

Well I'm rushing to get Ariel's coat on her, clean up AJ, keep both kids out of the vomit, keep AJ from stripping out of his clothes, all while my back is killing me. An employee wanders in, an older woman says someone threw up and I said yes my son threw up over here it's got to be cleaned, while pointing at it. The employee looks blankly about and says "what something spilled?" I said no my son threw up still pointing at it, and trying to keep AJ from walking through it, the employee goes "oh it's wet?" At this point I'm getting frustrated, my back is hurting more from bending, AJ has taken his shirt off and Ariel is getting upset. I said again my son threw up and pointed at the floor where he threw up. The employee goes "oh he threw up, where?" I said "on the floor where I'm pointing, what do think I meant the wall or something?" Yes I admit I got snotty but who comes to work so obviously stoned off their ass you need to explain the same sentence multiple times.

Anyone I turn back to getting the kids together and this older woman who I had first thought was trying to be helpful by informing an employee of the vomit floor, gives me a nasty look and says you didn't need to be so rude to her. I looked at her and said I'm sorry? I wasn't being rude I was telling her my kid threw up - and then she cuts me off and was like you were, there was no need to be so rude to her. At this point AJ is walking through the throw up, Ariel is crying, my back is in extreme pain and I'm regretting even leaving the house. I got loud. Cause that's what happens when you are in pain and frustrated and embarrassed. A manager comes in and asks what happened, apparently this stoned employee just disappeared or whatever cause they never came in with a bucket. I start to explain to the manager that my son threw up and that it needed to be cleaned up and this older woman AGAIN starts cutting me off, she gets loud with me. I was done. I yelled this has nothing to do with you, just stop. I got my kids and walked out.

I would like to point out I did call from the parking lot and talked with the manager and explained what happened and apologized profusely for getting loud and making a scene.

Basically I made a fool out of myself, cause one woman wouldn't leave me alone.

Now why am I explaining this embarrassing story? Cause you never know what is going on in someone else life. If I had been on the other side of what happened, and I have been actually, I would have offered help. I would have saw a mother in need, not someone being rude to just be rude (cause let's face it I was rude). I would have offered to hold the other child, to throw out the tray of garbage, something. Not started yelling at the mother and cutting her off. Cause you just don't know someone else life, what is going on in their head, if this is the last straw, etc.

So to that older woman that felt the need to hound me cause I was rude, cause I was. You don't know my life, you don't know what I go through, and you didn't know I was having a bad. I'm sorry I got loud back at you. I'm sorry you felt the need to pick on a young(ish) mother whose child just threw up in a public place. I'm sorry that you don't know that I struggle with depression, that I'm a single mom, that I live a stressful life, and that you didn't know I was in pain.

Maybe the next time you see a kid throw up you could ask the mom if she needs help. 

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