It is a Pinterest Win!

We have an Ariel (the doll) addiction! 

This is mostly my fault I know. Cause I passed it on to Ariel, just like my Hello Kitty love. We have other Barbies, a mermaid (cause duh) and Tinker Bell. Anyway I got it in my head today to try out a simple trick I saw on Pinterest about fixing Barbie doll hair. Not expecting it to work I didn't bother with before pictures. 

The trick is, and click the picture below to be sent to the original pin, very simple you soak the dolls hair in hot water and brush. How simple? This is probably why I thought it wouldn't work. Anywho on to pictures! 

But I'll be damned if this Pinterest pin, WORKED! 

Can I say how SUPER happy I am it worked on our latest Ariel doll? I love LOVE LOVE her hair. 

I'm so glad that it revived her curls cause they are adorable.

I would like to add we actually have another Ariel not shown cause it's a ballerina one without long hair, so no need to renew.

It's cute cause it's not just Ariel that plays with them. There was a point that I was playing dolls with AJ while Ariel was running around with his Captain America shield. Yeah gender roles are nonexistent in this house.

So Ariel has 4 of her own Barbies, two of which didn't need their hair fixed. There's a little story attached to this mermaid Barbie but we'll explain that another time. 

 So happy to see the shine come back to my old Daphne doll. Yes it was mine, no not from when I was a kid, not even from when I was still in school. I have a thing for redheaded Barbies. 

 This one was a last minute birthday gift years ago. My friend said it was the only Barbie that was a mermaid with close to red hair but she had to get it cause it was a mermaid. Yeah my friends so know me. But pink and purple hair not even close to red but now that I'm getting into sparkles and glitter, probably do to have kids that like them, I like her and her pretty hair.

This one has been around the block for over a decade. I was sooo happy to see her hair looking so good when it dried. Hell I wish my hair looked that good. Do you see that VOLUME?

Now it wouldn't be a good Pinterest post if I didn't show the fail right? Yes I have one, out of five Barbies I had one fail. Funnily enough this is usually how my hair comes out if I don't take care of it.

Seriously, I did the Pinterest trick TWICE with this one and still no joy. Although it is kind of cute. I'll probably sit down and actually braid her or maybe leave it how it is. 
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