Girly Attempts #iPPP

I was a bad Irish woman, no drunken mess happening here. I did make sure me and the kids were wearing green but that's about it, besides Grandma's kicking Irish Soda Bread and looking up things like the above photo cause I got bored. 

The attempts of me trying to be girly. A Hello Kitty lip gloss that I keep forgetting to use. Painting my nails and messing them. Ariel holding out her while I was painting mine going 'pretty pretty' shoving her hand in my face. At this point I should point out that I'm horrible at painting other people's nails, I'm not even that great at doing mine. 

Look at that pizza face! She's so cute =]

Some random alt The Little Mermaid art I found. I kinda want shell tattoos on my shoulders now. 


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