Faerie Randomness #iPPP

The silliness of AJ and random naps at Barnes & Noble. He took Ariel's dollar bin tiara and named himself Princess AJ. 

 Ariel is starting to get that blur down, where she won't stay still long enough for pictures. She also photo bombed me in my Hello Kitty glasses. Cause I'm a dork like that.

 Then I made a cute little owl (more of my Valentines leftovers) Hoot Hoot! And Ariel and AJ fought over my lap.

Ariel had the run of Barnes & Noble last night since AJ is at his dad's and I forgot the stroller. She did pretty well. Then she decided to stay up late and watch Family Guy with me. 

Yes I have Hello Kitty dork glasses. You know you love them. 


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