Spring Play

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Spring is slowly happening. We've had some warmer weather days, some snow on the ground. Sometimes at the same time. But at least we can go outside and be able to move, or in Ariel's case not fall over every 2 steps (she and her snowsuit don't get along very well).

The Purple Cons

Faeries of the Night

I do not blame my kids for being up at night
For we are children of the night
Our dreams are filled with faeries and wilds
We live under the moon our mother
We drawn to the quiet times of the world
When waking minds sleep
And the subconscious speak
We are children of the night my kids and I
We are faeries in our own right
Spun for shadows and moonlight

Poem by Me  =)

 Image: Night Faeryby ~vivenaishide

It is a Pinterest Win!

We have an Ariel (the doll) addiction! 

This is mostly my fault I know. Cause I passed it on to Ariel, just like my Hello Kitty love. We have other Barbies, a mermaid (cause duh) and Tinker Bell. Anyway I got it in my head today to try out a simple trick I saw on Pinterest about fixing Barbie doll hair. Not expecting it to work I didn't bother with before pictures. 

The trick is, and click the picture below to be sent to the original pin, very simple you soak the dolls hair in hot water and brush. How simple? This is probably why I thought it wouldn't work. Anywho on to pictures! 

But I'll be damned if this Pinterest pin, WORKED! 

Can I say how SUPER happy I am it worked on our latest Ariel doll? I love LOVE LOVE her hair. 

I'm so glad that it revived her curls cause they are adorable.

I would like to add we actually have another Ariel not shown cause it's a ballerina one without long hair, so no need to renew.

It's cute cause it's not just Ariel that plays with them. There was a point that I was playing dolls with AJ while Ariel was running around with his Captain America shield. Yeah gender roles are nonexistent in this house.

So Ariel has 4 of her own Barbies, two of which didn't need their hair fixed. There's a little story attached to this mermaid Barbie but we'll explain that another time. 

 So happy to see the shine come back to my old Daphne doll. Yes it was mine, no not from when I was a kid, not even from when I was still in school. I have a thing for redheaded Barbies. 

 This one was a last minute birthday gift years ago. My friend said it was the only Barbie that was a mermaid with close to red hair but she had to get it cause it was a mermaid. Yeah my friends so know me. But pink and purple hair not even close to red but now that I'm getting into sparkles and glitter, probably do to have kids that like them, I like her and her pretty hair.

This one has been around the block for over a decade. I was sooo happy to see her hair looking so good when it dried. Hell I wish my hair looked that good. Do you see that VOLUME?

Now it wouldn't be a good Pinterest post if I didn't show the fail right? Yes I have one, out of five Barbies I had one fail. Funnily enough this is usually how my hair comes out if I don't take care of it.

Seriously, I did the Pinterest trick TWICE with this one and still no joy. Although it is kind of cute. I'll probably sit down and actually braid her or maybe leave it how it is. 
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I am always... {The Blog Dare}

I am always ME. 

I know this shouldn't be something I need to state, but sometimes you never know with some people. They wear different faces. Me, well I just wear different hats.

Basically what you see is what you get. 

I may not be the prettiest, the smartest, definitely not the thinnest girl but I am who I am. I wear a mommy hat, a photographer hat, an artist hat, a writer hat, a friend hat, and so many more. But I am always me. I don't act differently. I don't stop being a photographer cause I'm wearing my mommy hat. Or stop being an artist cause I'm wearing my friend hat.

It took me a while to get to this point. I used to hide or try to hide who I was when with different people. Thinking they wouldn't want to see certain sides of myself. Now I'm like screw you, I am who I am and you either like it or not.

So who am I? I'm Amanda Jillian, I'm a freelance photographer, single mom of two, wannabe writer, artist, faerie believer, hopeless romantic, and a stuck in human form mermaid (aka a beach bum).

Nurture Photography Challenge Spring Edition

Nurture Photography Challenge - Spring 2013 Edition

It's time for another Nurture Photography Challenge and I'm super excited! Spring photos to come  =]

Comfy and Sexy

You know what the great thing about being an affiliate? I know before the sales start that there is going to be a sale. Then I can pass it on to you. Like this ~> Buy 2, Get 1 Free on Cacique Bras!

I love these bras, they are comfortable. They are sexy, even though they are made for bigger girls. Which let's face it if you go to a regular store and get a "full figure" bra they don't fit right and they are ugly. They are expensive but on par with Victoria's Secret, though slightly cheaper, and they last just as long.

I am only showing this is show you I DO actually use their bras.

I mean come on how pretty is this bra?I got it from Lane Bryant, and it's my favorite so far. Comfortable, no padding (which is something I don't usually get), it's cute and fun colors. And bonus they will size you and help you pick out some if you want.

Making Fancy Watermarks

Bokeh Fun

Was looking around and decided play with my watermark, see if I could pull off the fancy watermark with an image. I played with some Christmas photos that I had gotten around to editing with the whole MacBook debacle. I think I might flip it, put the cup where the words are. Possibly make one with a camera image. Although how cute and fitting is the cup with the little crescent moon on it?

Those crazy kids

Now I used the same technique I used to make my other watermark. Just added a vector image into the process.

Girly Attempts #iPPP

I was a bad Irish woman, no drunken mess happening here. I did make sure me and the kids were wearing green but that's about it, besides Grandma's kicking Irish Soda Bread and looking up things like the above photo cause I got bored. 

The attempts of me trying to be girly. A Hello Kitty lip gloss that I keep forgetting to use. Painting my nails and messing them. Ariel holding out her while I was painting mine going 'pretty pretty' shoving her hand in my face. At this point I should point out that I'm horrible at painting other people's nails, I'm not even that great at doing mine. 

Look at that pizza face! She's so cute =]

Some random alt The Little Mermaid art I found. I kinda want shell tattoos on my shoulders now. 


Readings for Mommy Bloggers

Want to try something new on your mommy blog, or maybe you're a Pagan blogger and would like a free reading. I want you to head over to Generation Z Tarot and check out Kyana. Right now she is offering mommy bloggers a free reading in exchange for a honest review on the reading. She also does free mini readings on Tuesdays. I saw it on Jenn's Blah Blah Blog and decided it was a great thing, I was just saying I needed a full reading done, so thank you universe for making that happen for me.

Let's start with the fact that she used a fairy set for me <3

My main feeling while reading her reading is "spot on" I mean she has a very good take on my personality from the start. She also has a great flow in her explanation of the reading.
You are in the process of becoming the woman who can love and provide for her children, as well as act on her ideas and inspirations with the know-­‐how to convert them into material gain.
This was a line that actually made me smile, something to look forward to.  Also reminded me to have patience, ‘waiting in the wings’ is exactly how I feel lately.

Part of it feels like it could be straight from my journal how 'how the powers that be' are testing me too much, that I have a subconscious hostility to authority. That I have an aversion to traditional structures and don't want to get a regular job again. That consciously I'm trying to merge the business woman and the artist into one personality.

She noted that I felt like I had to keep from speaking my mind but that energy is being released, which if you know me in person or through someone of my multiple social medias, you know that I went from clammed up to open very recently.
Your guides are telling you to make a choice; start getting clear about your own inner values and what is it you decide you will or will not do. Again, understand that there are multiple choices around you that you can act on, as I explained in my other reading to you. But you will only be able to see them once you open yourself up to it. Once you do, make a decision and move forward with it.

She really is just a great reader. I especially love that she didn't ask a million questions and came back with such a spot on reading. I think that shows great talent. So I invite you to stop by and check out her site, and if you are a blogger definitely contact her about doing a reading.

Note I was given this reading for free, these are my honest opinions. 

Astrology Sale!

It's that time again, I'm trying to be a better affiliate. It's Astrology Sale time 35% off select titles and reports, 4 days only starting tomorrow! Click the icon to see what's on sale. Below are a few titles I would love that are on sale!

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Just a normal night

I uploaded this on YouTube a bit ago, The Robot Mommy just made me remember it when she posted an interview with her daughter.

Here's a normal night in the Faerie Household. 

Ariel says pretty

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Why is it so hard to let go... {The Blog Dare}

(I know that I've been distance and there's a reason for that. The prompt for today kind of fit right to finally try and put it into words.)

Why is it so hard to let go of someone you love? 

Even though he's let go of me, four times. Maybe this time I'll actually let go, who knows for sure. But why is it so hard to let go?

Cause he's in my heart. 

Even though he's shattered it to the point that I'm missing pieces.

I know a big part of not wanting to let go is the kids. AJ asked for him and his older daughter all the time. Ariel reminds me of him everyday. And with us in NY and him in Texas who knows how we will work visits. That's something I haven't wanted to think about yet.

But the biggest part, the part that makes my heart literally hurt, is I miss him, I don't want to let go of him. I miss his warmth, his hugs, he's kisses. I miss falling asleep on his chest listening to his heart beat. I miss falling asleep listening to him play his video games. I miss our date nights. I miss going to the movies and late night coffee talks. I miss knowing that when the movies come out on Bluray I will have the copy at home. I miss seeing his smile when the kids wake him up, even though he tries to act grumpy. I miss being randomly embarrassed by his public displays of affection.

 Excuse me. These eyes are tired of crying, and I just did it to myself again. One of my friends here on the interwebz told me he knew something was off cause my eyes have lost their sparkle. Maybe they are just dry from all the tears. I have to hope that someday my sparkle will come back. I think I saw it for a bit yesterday.

Something about St Patty's Day always makes me a little happy. Maybe it's the being Irish or being a redhead. Maybe it's that my little ginger boy AJ was so excited for St Patty's Day.

Letting go is hard, and always will be. I will be fine eventually.