Why I Do This

Precious Ariel

I've seen a couple of posts from Professional Photographers about why they decided to become a Professional Photographer, and I get confused. This is because I don't think I choose to become a photographer. I think I always was and it found me. One of those funny stories but I've been taking pictures since I was 12 and my grandparents gave me my first camera. It was love at first click.

I don't think I've put down a camera since I was given that first one. Just a cheapie little 110 film, you know the kid you can't even get developed anywhere anymore (I know this cause I still have some to develop). I took Photo One in high school. Meaning I know my way around a dark room and the actual process of taking a photo. I was referred to Brooks Institute of Photography, applied and was accepted. Even told I would probably place as a second year student, since I took Photo One. Sadly I couldn't attend due to finances.

I recently took down my fully manual Vivtar 35mm to take some photos of the kids. My son wanted me too. He's been bitten early by the shutterbug. And I loved the feel of having it my hands. Winding up the film. Not knowing what I've gotten on film till I take it to be developed.

Makes me want to create, to snap, to capture everything.

That to me is photography. That to me is my passion.

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