Updates and Votes and Defunct Emails

Been spending the day in migraine hell and messing with my profiles online. Went back over to Circle of Moms since changed things and it looks like stuff actually works now, plus it's voting season. Still one hitch I originally signed up with one email that is now deleted, that shit was canceled. No way to remove it argh!

The story to why I actually deleted this email? I was on this site years ago back in the myspace age, called my yearbook. I somehow managed to piss upset someone over something I said on that. Don't even remember what it was but I do remember the lovely spam he created to use as revenge.

He sent me an invented spam that sent me one line of Moby Dick an email. Once it was done it started again.

That's talent there. But it wouldn't stop. At all. So I basically burned all ties to that email address. But screwed up with Circle of Moms and didn't update before I deleted. Live and learn.

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