My Birthday is Monday!

So my birthday is Monday and I will officially be 29 years old! Woot Woot! Yes I'm actually excited about it. I have a feeling (or determination) that this year will be great! Now I know you probably saw that I posted my birthday wishlist before. But I have something different in mind.

I want to go get a new tattoo for my birthday! It's been years since I got my last one. That long since I could figure out what I wanted next. Each of my four tattoos have a special meaning to me. Now I'm sure you going but Amanda how are we going to help you with that? Well what I would like is that everyone that comes by could send me $1 through my PayPal.

If you know me, you probably also know that I spend as little amount of money on myself as possible. Why? I'm not quite sure. I know I'm broke, but if I have extra money I most likely will get myself a latte and then buy the kids toys. I rarely ever splurge on myself, which is why at first I put up my wishlist. Figured I would take it out of my hands. But now I know what I want and I want a new tattoo! 

So if you want to, go ahead and send me a buck, if not that's ok too. This is just for fun.

Love you guys <3

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