Fun with Watermarks

I have my brand new PhotoShop Elements. This is a learning experience for me since I haven't used Elements before or used PhotoShop on a Mac. But so far so good. Thanks to a wonderful tutorial on A Vegas Girl at Heart I made my own watermark brush. This is highly useful as it cuts out needing to type in it in. It also gave me and excuse to go look at fonts. This is a minor (read: major) obsession of mine, I actually used to play around with my handwriting when I got bored in school. Anyway the one I chose is called Faerie. I mean hello fated font.


The reason for watermarks? Well this is the interwebz and people aren't always so truthful. Also some just don't know that when you take an image and don't back link it to the original that it's a stub to the artist. A watermark helps with this. It makes it so that people can at least google and see what comes up. You could also think of it as an artist signing their work.


  1. I love all the fun things that one can do in PS- it's amazing isn't it.  I could spend all day just playing in there.

  2. I love it! I have to make myself stop but then I'm like I'm just practicing lol.


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