iPhone pictures of randomness

So over at gfunkified she does this link up where you show your phone pictures. I thought I would join in. We are randomly silly over here. We get it from my mom though she likes to blame my aunt.

We go to Target a lot. My kids like it. I like the lattes. They are semi well behaved while there. AJ loves to play with the video games. Ariel just wants a cake pop that she never really eats but heaven help you if you don't get her one.

I'm such a kid. I got my own Monsters High doll. Ghoulia daughter of the Zombies. The kids are trying to steal her, so she lives on top of my bookshelf. I couldn't help myself, she looks so cool.

I finally used up the last of my Hello Kitty cupcake wrappers, this means I can buy a new set right?

The favorite part of my day, when the kids are asleep all snuggled up on me.



  1. i love target too!! one of my favorite stores!! so sweet that the kids fell asleep snuggling up to you!! love that!!

    1. We are there probably a good amount of the week. The kids like the $1 bins.


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