Einstein - Such a smart man

So I decided that I'm going to start doing some typography, mostly because I these amazing ones that I love the words/message so much but the actual image is so blah. This is my first attempt. I found it last night and was just like I need this. But the actual one I found? Just a blah text on a red background.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales. 


I've always known Einstein was a smart man but this just sealed the deal for me. Also this is my new favorite quote by him, possibly just my new favorite quote.

I mean I am a Faery Tale Addict (my ignored book review blog). I love faeries, magic, stories. I pass this onto my kids. We read the normal fairy tales. We watch the Disney movies. We go to Ren Faires as faeries.  

My kids love faerie tale beings. 

We are constantly watching something with Tinker Bell in it, or watching The Little Mermaid or The Last Unicorn. They turn pencils and sticks into wands and practice magic. AJ wants the Winx dolls when we go to the store, cause they are faeries.

I guess I'll have some intelligent kids. Reckless and rough but intelligent.

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