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So guess whose embracing the single parenthood? This girl. I know that I'm in a relationship but guess what I'm not married, I don't have a ring on my finger, and I'm doing this parenting thing on my own. I mean what is a single parent? Well there's a wikipedia for that. (Of course.)
A single parent (or solo parent) is a parent, not living with a spouse or partner, who has most of the day-to-day responsibilities in raising the child or children.
That is definitely me. I'm the one that takes them to the doctor, cares for them when they are sick, changes diapers, wipes poopy butts, bathes them, brushes their teeth and hair, and feeds them (boy do I feed them). I get the good and the bad parts, first steps and words. So yeah I'm a single mom and I love it.

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iPhone pictures of randomness

So over at gfunkified she does this link up where you show your phone pictures. I thought I would join in. We are randomly silly over here. We get it from my mom though she likes to blame my aunt.

We go to Target a lot. My kids like it. I like the lattes. They are semi well behaved while there. AJ loves to play with the video games. Ariel just wants a cake pop that she never really eats but heaven help you if you don't get her one.

I'm such a kid. I got my own Monsters High doll. Ghoulia daughter of the Zombies. The kids are trying to steal her, so she lives on top of my bookshelf. I couldn't help myself, she looks so cool.

I finally used up the last of my Hello Kitty cupcake wrappers, this means I can buy a new set right?

The favorite part of my day, when the kids are asleep all snuggled up on me.


I don't believe in humans

I found this on Facebook and it made me giggle. I bet you couldn't guess that I have a thing for the fae right? haha I kid, I kid. If you don't get the joke take a look again. Faerie Barista, Writings from Faerie, Moon in a Cup. The key is FAE.

For as long as I can remember I've loved faerie tales. The Little Mermaid is my favorite. Partly cause she is a redhead and so am I, but also cause I love mermaids. As I got older I loved that she risked everything for love. Not just the Disney movie happy ending version. But the original story by Hans Christian Anderson.

My kids have followed in my faerie footsteps, the constantly want to watch the faerie movie, the unicorn movie, The Little Mermaid. AJ "flies" around saying he's a faerie. They want the mermaid dolls. Ariel has fallen for The Little Mermaid. They pretend that pretty much anything is a wand and they wave it around saying the magic words. AJ says them, Ariel just mumbles and laughs. AJ has even asked to watch Harry Potter.

Sometimes I think my house is a fantasy land. 

Imaging Mapping Fun

See I'm one of those weird people that actually uses the things I find on Pinterest. Especially now that I have Photoshop to do some of the cooler things. One of them was the image map. What's that?

Turning this:

Into this: (you can click it)

You can check out some more fun Blogging stuff on my Pinterest board.

Migraines suck


Just a normal visit to the bookstore

For more photos of me and Ariel's trip to Barnes & Noble click here. Btw Ariel is obsessed with this book. I wish it would go on sale.

Remembering to Breathe

This week's prompt for Nurture Photography is Blue/Breathe. I had no idea what I wanted to do for it. So I packed up my camera and out to Barnes & Noble me and Ariel went. There's this book, a Diego book, that Ariel is in love with. She picks it up every time we go and wanders around the store with it. I think mostly because it has a handle. It's made to look like his little computer.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="355,356,357,358,359,360,361"]

Taking time to Breathe

It's nice to sit back and breathe, watch Ariel play. She goes through the books. She sits down, she gets up. She shouts out the names (sorta) for things. She dances around and makes funny faces while I sip on my latte.

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="362,363,364,365,366"]

Nurture Photography - Winter 2013 Photo Challenge

Einstein - Such a smart man

So I decided that I'm going to start doing some typography, mostly because I these amazing ones that I love the words/message so much but the actual image is so blah. This is my first attempt. I found it last night and was just like I need this. But the actual one I found? Just a blah text on a red background.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales. 


I've always known Einstein was a smart man but this just sealed the deal for me. Also this is my new favorite quote by him, possibly just my new favorite quote.

I mean I am a Faery Tale Addict (my ignored book review blog). I love faeries, magic, stories. I pass this onto my kids. We read the normal fairy tales. We watch the Disney movies. We go to Ren Faires as faeries.  

My kids love faerie tale beings. 

We are constantly watching something with Tinker Bell in it, or watching The Little Mermaid or The Last Unicorn. They turn pencils and sticks into wands and practice magic. AJ wants the Winx dolls when we go to the store, cause they are faeries.

I guess I'll have some intelligent kids. Reckless and rough but intelligent.

Updates and Votes and Defunct Emails

Been spending the day in migraine hell and messing with my profiles online. Went back over to Circle of Moms since changed things and it looks like stuff actually works now, plus it's voting season. Still one hitch I originally signed up with one email that is now deleted, that shit was canceled. No way to remove it argh!

The story to why I actually deleted this email? I was on this site years ago back in the myspace age, called my yearbook. I somehow managed to piss upset someone over something I said on that. Don't even remember what it was but I do remember the lovely spam he created to use as revenge.

He sent me an invented spam that sent me one line of Moby Dick an email. Once it was done it started again.

That's talent there. But it wouldn't stop. At all. So I basically burned all ties to that email address. But screwed up with Circle of Moms and didn't update before I deleted. Live and learn.

Little Moments

Little Moments

Remember to capture the little moments. The everyday moments. The moments that turn into memories.

Yeah another YouTube vid

Shoot me I feel blah today, not really sick but ugh.

Part of Your World

Faerie Coffee Anyone?

Getting Crafty With Valentines Leftovers

[gallery type="square" ids="338,339"]

I have a weakness for stickers and crafts, especially when they are 90% off! It's a sickness but at least the kids love it.


Wordless Wednesday Link Up

Why I Do This

Precious Ariel

I've seen a couple of posts from Professional Photographers about why they decided to become a Professional Photographer, and I get confused. This is because I don't think I choose to become a photographer. I think I always was and it found me. One of those funny stories but I've been taking pictures since I was 12 and my grandparents gave me my first camera. It was love at first click.

I don't think I've put down a camera since I was given that first one. Just a cheapie little 110 film, you know the kid you can't even get developed anywhere anymore (I know this cause I still have some to develop). I took Photo One in high school. Meaning I know my way around a dark room and the actual process of taking a photo. I was referred to Brooks Institute of Photography, applied and was accepted. Even told I would probably place as a second year student, since I took Photo One. Sadly I couldn't attend due to finances.

I recently took down my fully manual Vivtar 35mm to take some photos of the kids. My son wanted me too. He's been bitten early by the shutterbug. And I loved the feel of having it my hands. Winding up the film. Not knowing what I've gotten on film till I take it to be developed.

Makes me want to create, to snap, to capture everything.

That to me is photography. That to me is my passion.

Changes are happening

This blog is going to be a little more personal than I originally planned. Mostly cause I've gotten a domain since. But also as you noticed I signed up for some affiliate programs and have AdSense. I figured since this blog was actually doing pretty well with ranking and such I wouldn't just throw it away. And since I don't want to add this stuff to my domain, although I'm hoping to eventually buy this name too, but the sites now have two different purposes.

I'm hoping this all works out the way I want it too. Basically this is me. All of me. Everything of me.

Oh the treasures you will find

Don't forget to stop over at Moon in a Cup for my Nurture Photography post.

Treasures Insides

Not exactly what I wanted to do in my head but I couldn't find what I needed to do it. So I looked for inspiration elsewhere. This is what I came up with (cause I can't turn down a good clearance sale).

Little Treasures in a Silver Box

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="302,303,304,305,306,307,308,309,310,311,312"]

 Nurture Photography - Winter 2013 Photo Challenge

Hair dye and tattoos oh my

So rough week my birthday sigh. What to do about it? Why dye my hair and get a new tattoo.


It's my Birthday!

This day I turn 29 years old. WooHoo! It's been a so so birthday so far. Tears, lonely, birthday lunch, and I'm going for a tattoo later.

I'm thinking something like one of these. The last one would actually saying latte please and I think I would get in on my wrist.

Birthday FUN

My Birthday is Monday!

So my birthday is Monday and I will officially be 29 years old! Woot Woot! Yes I'm actually excited about it. I have a feeling (or determination) that this year will be great! Now I know you probably saw that I posted my birthday wishlist before. But I have something different in mind.

I want to go get a new tattoo for my birthday! It's been years since I got my last one. That long since I could figure out what I wanted next. Each of my four tattoos have a special meaning to me. Now I'm sure you going but Amanda how are we going to help you with that? Well what I would like is that everyone that comes by could send me $1 through my PayPal.

If you know me, you probably also know that I spend as little amount of money on myself as possible. Why? I'm not quite sure. I know I'm broke, but if I have extra money I most likely will get myself a latte and then buy the kids toys. I rarely ever splurge on myself, which is why at first I put up my wishlist. Figured I would take it out of my hands. But now I know what I want and I want a new tattoo! 

So if you want to, go ahead and send me a buck, if not that's ok too. This is just for fun.

Love you guys <3

Fun in the snow

So today started storm Nemo. Lovely. It was also White prompt for Nurture Photography (check out my post at but I did take some pics with Instagram cause why not.

I still have a semi fat lip. I'm pretty sure I got a spider bite. A friend suggested a spider was just trying to steal a kiss. It's better today just I have this little mark. Not a pimple and my lip feels all funny. Like it won't stay hydrated. Oh well I haven't died yet so it's all good.