Call for help {Project Community Portrait}

Ok so I've been bad and kept putting this on the back burner. But now I really want to get this done before Christmas. What am I talking about? Let's have a refresher.

Project Community Portrait {Newburgh Edition}

My lovely friend Maggie started this in her area. I felt it was something we could use here in Newburgh too. This is for families that can't really afford to take their kids to a professional photographer for portraits. I think that it's good to have portraits though. So what I'm offering is to take portraits of your kids, professional grade, no copyrights, no watermarks. I will email these to you for you to take them to get printed in a store, or if you don't have regular access to a computer or internet you can bring a flash drive to me and I will upload for you (they just won't be edited unless time permits).

Now for the call for help

Since it's been getting colder I was originally planning on doing this outside at the park. I don't think that is the best option anymore so I am looking for local businesses or local groups that will allow me to set up shop to do these portraits. Please email me at if you are intereste in helping out, subject line Project Community Portrait.

Saying Good Bye to Fall {Nurture Photography}

It's so hard to say good bye to fall sometimes

It's funny though it was quite warm though

It was nice to be able to play in the park without heavy jackets for one more time

Beauty in Strength

Pretty is as pretty does, but being stronger means you last. 

Can you believe these roses?

They just don't want to die. They are are beautiful and strong. They are amazing. 

I just can't believe it. They are still out there. Surviving Sandy and Athena. The cold and wind. And honestly I think they look more beautiful  for it. But then again I always found beauty in strength.

Have you noticed I opened an Etsy shop? In the side bar is my mini Etsy. So if you love my photographs and would like to own one of your own check me out, Moon in a Cup photography by FaerieBarista.

Brown Overload and my monsters {Nurture Photography}

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Haven't been checking my emails, not reading blogs, not updating mine. Exhausted and tired. Disappointed with the storms, Sandy and Athena, yes disappointed. Missing my hubby. And just generally stressed out. I did not manage to do something special for this prompt, but this was from something I was playing around with for purple, good thing all the leaves were brown anyway.  =]

Faerie dust, mermaid tears, and Halloween magic

I couldn't resist this little wooden sign. "A witch lives here with her little monster" it was made for me cause you know I call my kiddies monsters.

And before I made my Halloween magic I made my first jar, Mermaid Tears, then Faerie Dust.