Whose ready for Halloween?

Me and the monsters definitely are! I played around and found my look to go with my mask. AJ has been begging to go trick-or-treating all day long. Ariel just loves a reason to wear her wings and run around.

Also I need to remember to wear red lipstick more often! It's not as hard as I thought it was the first time and damn do I look good with it. 

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Clear skies

Thankfully, hurricane Sandy left, things don't look too bad around here. And they left in time for trick or treating! Which is good cause AJ might kill me if he can't go. He's been begging for weeks.


20 by ~klon1

Gone walking in the park

Ariel and I had one of our mother daughter bonding timesWe went for a walk in the park, and since it was just us I decided to go through the trails. It was nice for the first few minutes till Ariel decided she didn't want to walk anymore.. Which is why I don't usually go on the trails when it's all of us, can't carry that much walk around.

A rose by any other name

Gothic Mermaid {Darker Side of Faerie placeholder}

She's a man eater.

She's a mermaid, and she'll sweetly call you to your death.

A tail in the sea, legs on land. She'll call for you, sing for you, send you to her depths.

But what if she doesn't just do this for the sake of fun?

What if there is a deeper purpose?

What if she's trying to rid the world of those harming the sea, her home?


Gothic Mermaid by *Mahafsoun

Leaves and leaves and yet more leaves

I tried my hand at macro lens while Ariel played. Enjoy  =]

Gain a Tail

What would you give to be where I am?
What would you do to see me dancing?
To lose yourself in the sea
To lose your legs
To gain a tail


Siren by ~munkaybiznaz

Updates from the Cafe Again

  • So I was making some great process withMY Top Bloggers list, then my list disappeared ... I think a little guy stole my list. So now I have to try and work it up again. Sigh. Such is the life of a (trying to) working mommy I guess.

  • Finally nailing down a date for my Project Community Portrait event. Hoping to see if I can maybe get someone to host it, as it is getting mighty cold outside. 

  • I'm starting to set up my own Etsy shop. to my nature photography. Shop name is FaerieBarista, since apparently Moon in a Cup is taken. But I'm seeming to be known as the FaerieBarista anyway.

So then mom found this

Isn't my brother such a little ham?

The real Little Mermaid

Hi! I know it's been a while since I done a daily mermaid, I've been sick, well found out it was allergies. My kids have a cold which means I've been up late during the night. I've been trying, and mostly succeeding at taking my camera out with me anywhere I go. Which is good since I need fall photos for Nurture Photography. Enjoy the wonderful Traci Hines  =]


Princess Ariel by ~TheRealLittleMermaid

Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins

Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Jack o' Lanterns

One of my favorite things about Halloween that warms my heart is pumpkin carving. I haven't done it in a while but it was one thing I loved to with my mom. And since I'm me, pumpkin spice latte to go with my pumpkin carvings. Mmmm yummy.

Cutting in and scooping out, the slimy slimy pumpkin guts.

I have to say Ariel's pumpkin turned out pretty good.

AJ's didn't turn out too shabyy either. They wound up being mirror images of each other.