Who are these big kids, where are my babies?

First thing AJ did when he saw I had my camera was "mommy take my photo!" Can I tell you how much I love that he says take my photo not take my picture. I'm not sure why I love it but I sure do. He has grown so much this summer. He has been reconnected with his dad, gets to be a big brother to his other little sister, and we just found out, a big brother to a little brother soon! I'm glad he won't be surrounded by tons of sisters.

And right after AJ comes his little shadow Ariel. Arms out, cheesy grin on, just waiting for me to take her photo. My little hams. They love to have their photos taken. I hope they stay that way and don't get like my brother that runs from cameras now.

I can't believe how big Ariel has gotten. It amazes me every day. To think that this adventurous little girl, that has the attitude of her big brother, who reckless follows in his footsteps, was born into this world two months earlier a teeny tiny thing. 


  1. they grow up way too fast, don't they? gosh your kids are beautiful and your photography is superb. i wish you lived closer. i'd hire you for family pics in a heartbeat

    1. Way too fast, it's not fair. I want another lol, not yet. Thank you so much! I would love to take your photos if only we lived closer.


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