Updates from the Cafe

Wow .... let me say that again WOW! Things have been happening over in my neck of the woods. So I thought that it would be nice to do a little update.

  • First off welcome the new design for fall! I tried to go a bit simpler this time. No busy back just a color, one of my newer photos as a header. Bonus I made a new button!
  • Second check out the new pages. Not sure which ones are new then check them all out!
  • I also made a little About Me button type thing that will send you somewhere, so click it!
  • There's a new blog hop in town, The Darker Side of Faerie hosted by the lovely Magaly. I have the idea of a photo shoot in mind. And I might be doing my first giveaway. 
  • Project Community Portrait is taking off! I've had a few email inquiries. I also am planning on doing a day event for it, since thanks to my wonderful aunt who shared it with some social workers, it has a bit more of a reaching than I first expected.
  • Best for last .... thanks to my aunt for sharing I have been invited to join an amazing event call Help Portrait

Do you get the double wow now? I'm excited and happy. I've also been taking my camera out more and more. Especially right now while I have the boyfriend's car. 

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