Ringing in the Fall

Where at the Ren Faire of course! While I didn't take as many photos as I would like I did get quite a few good ones. The incense store kind of mesmerized me for a bit.

Watched Thrill Seeker Dextra Tripp.  Who balanced on ladders, balanced a chainsaw on his face, juggled with it and with fire, and tight roped. Whew I got tired just watching him.

My little grown up faerie rode the Roundabout all by herself. Even her big brother and sister didn't do that, they made Daddy ride with them. 

Then I got to watch my lovely rennie, Christina get serenaded (although I didn't miss her butt getting serenaded). I also got to watch her balance 6 beer mugs on her chest. For some silly reason she breathed when they were adding the seventh. 

Then the faerie girl got to witness a most interesting game, that I can only assume was faerie chess.

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