Age of the Water Bearer

There is some confusion when it comes to Aquarians, which is only nature given it's about Aquarians. For some reason they tend to associate them with air, yes the Water Bearer with air. Makes sense, right? NOPE. My Aquarius is a double element, she is water and air, she is a mermaid. It makes sense to me, mermaid in the water to collect water. Human when she touches air to bear the water.

I relinquish to your powers.
From your grasp, I just can't hide.
I missed the danger I had to conquer.
You made me feel alive.

They say I have to be aware,
that one day you won't let me go.
I'll drown, you'll take me down...

I need you Aquarius,
enchanted I will have to stay.
I feel you Aquarius,
cause you the sea set me free.
You call to me Aquarius...

-Aquarius (Within temptation)


Aquarius by ~DarkVenusPersephonae

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