Mermaid music musings

Feel the waves crashing
Feel the rhythm move
Fluid movement
Dancing melody
Go in harmony

{side note: this image brough to mind something that I've been thinking about since I watched Mermaid: The Body Found. If mermaids are say a cousin to humans, a group of humans that just evolved in a different way than we did. Then why would they be so far behind us, technologically  speaking that is. They portrayed them as primitive. Would they be on our level or more primitive?}


Mermaid close-up by *EmiliaPaw5

It always makes me smile

At some point this past summer little things have been popping up around Newburgh. Like this sign on exit 7B going onto Rt 300. It never fails to make me smile. They seemed to pop up around the same time as a bunch of kids with backpacks and signs. Not completely sure what the connection is but it warms my heart. Just like the one that is scribbled out on another exit ramp that says "you are so beautiful to me" not sure why it's scribbled out though.

The reason I love this sign so much. That I am constantly taking photos of it, is that it reminds me that I am brave. Reminds me to keep being brave.

Yeah I'm a Crap-tastic Mom Too

So I kept seeing a few of my fellow bloggers popping up with post saying they are a crappy mom, it all started with Jen from Life with Levi and Trisha from MomDot, and this photo from Granola Babies.

Now if we're friends on Facebook, then you know I posted this photo too. And I've been wanting to do my own post, blame my lovely cold for taking so long.

I'm a crap-tastic mom.

I'm a mom 24/7.

I'm a great mom most of the time, a good mom part of it, and a lousy one sometimes.

My kids have different dads.

I was a single mom.

I breastfed and formula fed both my kids.

I delayed starting solids.

I follow a regular doctor told vaccination schedule.

I co-sleep, as in co-bed.

My daughter has never had a crib.

My son is covered in bruises, cause I let me climb, jump, run, fall, slide, etc to his hearts content.

My kids have more toys than they know what to do with.

I buy them dollar items for being good in the stores.

I never say no to books. Unless I have no money.

I let my son wear dresses are shirts, pink ones at that.

I let him leave the house with his shoes on the wrong feet and pants backwards cause he dressed himself.

My son steals my daughter's baby dolls, she steals his trucks.

I don't do girls and boys toys.

I yell more than I would like to.

I'm not always as patient as I should be.

I let the kids wander around the house in diapers if we aren't going anywhere.

I make the kids pick up their own messes.

I smother them with hugs and kisses every chance I get.

I use disposable diapers and wipes.

My son's favorite movie is Tangled and I think that's awesome.

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

So I have been disconnected for a while. There's two reasons for that. One boyfriend came home for a limited time, he managed to get 2 jobs down in Texas, so looks like there is a move in the works. Two I've come down with a lovely, exhausting cold. Thankfully it is just a cold. Went to the doctor's to be sure.


into the deep by ~MerBellas

Ringing in the Fall

Where at the Ren Faire of course! While I didn't take as many photos as I would like I did get quite a few good ones. The incense store kind of mesmerized me for a bit.

Watched Thrill Seeker Dextra Tripp.  Who balanced on ladders, balanced a chainsaw on his face, juggled with it and with fire, and tight roped. Whew I got tired just watching him.

My little grown up faerie rode the Roundabout all by herself. Even her big brother and sister didn't do that, they made Daddy ride with them. 

Then I got to watch my lovely rennie, Christina get serenaded (although I didn't miss her butt getting serenaded). I also got to watch her balance 6 beer mugs on her chest. For some silly reason she breathed when they were adding the seventh. 

Then the faerie girl got to witness a most interesting game, that I can only assume was faerie chess.

You can't help but to follow

When you hear the mermaids call, the sirens song, you must follow.

On the Fence


Words are tending to escape me at the moment. These two photos of mine are speaking for me. I think.

As All Hallow's Eve approaches

I saw this photo on Traci Hines instagram last night, followed it to Hot Topics' (ugh) Instagram to where I found this lovely photo and I just had to use it as my daily mermaid.

When skin turns scales


When water meets air
When ocean meets sky
Here is where the water bearer lies

The mermaid to stay

She fills the cup
To feed the land
Where she will never be

When skin turns to scales


Pride by ~princesskay108

Who are these big kids, where are my babies?

First thing AJ did when he saw I had my camera was "mommy take my photo!" Can I tell you how much I love that he says take my photo not take my picture. I'm not sure why I love it but I sure do. He has grown so much this summer. He has been reconnected with his dad, gets to be a big brother to his other little sister, and we just found out, a big brother to a little brother soon! I'm glad he won't be surrounded by tons of sisters.

And right after AJ comes his little shadow Ariel. Arms out, cheesy grin on, just waiting for me to take her photo. My little hams. They love to have their photos taken. I hope they stay that way and don't get like my brother that runs from cameras now.

I can't believe how big Ariel has gotten. It amazes me every day. To think that this adventurous little girl, that has the attitude of her big brother, who reckless follows in his footsteps, was born into this world two months earlier a teeny tiny thing. 

Mermaid Coffee

Would you like a cup of shell, I mean coffee. What do you think mermaids make coffee out of? I wonder.

There are a few things I wonder about mermaids. Few more since watching Mermaid: The Body Found. The whole aquatic ape theory, is viable. I mean we do have a lot in common with marine mammals, as the theory points out.

But here's one thing I haven't quite figured out, if they are us just us in the sea, why would they make them seem more animal like? Wouldn't they be like us? Raising families, making communities, sitting down for a cup of shell coffee?


seashell morning by ~MidnightMelodie

Updates from the Cafe

Wow .... let me say that again WOW! Things have been happening over in my neck of the woods. So I thought that it would be nice to do a little update.

  • First off welcome the new design for fall! I tried to go a bit simpler this time. No busy back just a color, one of my newer photos as a header. Bonus I made a new button!
  • Second check out the new pages. Not sure which ones are new then check them all out!
  • I also made a little About Me button type thing that will send you somewhere, so click it!
  • There's a new blog hop in town, The Darker Side of Faerie hosted by the lovely Magaly. I have the idea of a photo shoot in mind. And I might be doing my first giveaway. 
  • Project Community Portrait is taking off! I've had a few email inquiries. I also am planning on doing a day event for it, since thanks to my wonderful aunt who shared it with some social workers, it has a bit more of a reaching than I first expected.
  • Best for last .... thanks to my aunt for sharing I have been invited to join an amazing event call Help Portrait

Do you get the double wow now? I'm excited and happy. I've also been taking my camera out more and more. Especially right now while I have the boyfriend's car. 


Her eyes pointed towards the sea
Her heart laying on the sand

Hair as blue as the deepest seas
Eyes as clear as the ocean

Made in the sea
Longing for land


Siren by *ValentinaKallias


To leave the sea
To transform for love
To never leave


ariel by ~xutomu

Age of the Water Bearer

There is some confusion when it comes to Aquarians, which is only nature given it's about Aquarians. For some reason they tend to associate them with air, yes the Water Bearer with air. Makes sense, right? NOPE. My Aquarius is a double element, she is water and air, she is a mermaid. It makes sense to me, mermaid in the water to collect water. Human when she touches air to bear the water.

I relinquish to your powers.
From your grasp, I just can't hide.
I missed the danger I had to conquer.
You made me feel alive.

They say I have to be aware,
that one day you won't let me go.
I'll drown, you'll take me down...

I need you Aquarius,
enchanted I will have to stay.
I feel you Aquarius,
cause you the sea set me free.
You call to me Aquarius...

-Aquarius (Within temptation)


Aquarius by ~DarkVenusPersephonae

On the wings of a mischief maker

Up the hill and down the hollow
Is where the faeries dwell

Don't be fooled by their smiles
Behind their eyes mischief lies

For even the pretty roses
Have thorns

Let loose your wings
And fly

Nothing so beautiful as nature
Nothing so temperamental
As a little girl with wings
That wishes she could fly.

A mermaid so blue

As she looks to the sea, she wonders what could be. If she stayed in the water, where they say she was meant to be. Would she be happier then, or would she miss her love she has. She has but one heart to give. But it is torn in two. Her lover and the sea. If only her lover could live in the sea, she would be the happiest she could be.


mermaid by ~parallelis

Reasons to why people are lost

Breaking free
Stripping down
Running free
Into the sea.

The mermaids live
They swim
And sing.

The ones stuck on land
With legs to stand
They live the pain
Of being lost.


The Little Mermaid by *ipeksen

Mermaids on the mind

Can't lose, can't think, can't stop, can't go
What's on my mind, what's on yours


Mell the MeRmAiD by ~mariXX66XX

You are my Sunshine

So I want to say thanks to Karen over at Sweetwater Lane for the Sunshine Award, it warms my heart to get these  =]

The rules:
  1. Link to the person that nominated you. 
  2. Answer the questions about yourself. 
  3. Nominate bloggers for the award. 
  4. Link the nominates and comment on their blog. 
About Me:
  1. Favorite Bad Habit: Playing Sims and Castleville
  2. Twitter Name: faeriebarista
  3. My Passion: Photography
  4. Favorite Time of Year: Halloween <3
  5. Favorite Vacation: Beach
  6. Favorite Physical Activity: Swimming
  7. What puts a Smile on My Face: My kids
My nominates:
So please stop by these wonderful, talented, great ladies' blogs, cause they are chocked full of awesomesauce. 

The stuff of myths and legends

When faeries and mermaids come to met, sometimes people forget that they are about the same. They are both magical beings. They both are part of the otherworld. When mermaids shed their skins they are often confused for faeries. This is not uncommon since they are both beings of nature. Just different natures is all.

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Newburgh a work in progress

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We're an all-star family

My little girl in her first pair of converse all-stars. She's getting all grown up on me. She is so excited about them. Well she's been excited about shoes every since she got used to riding in the car, and associated them with going out but it's still cute.

It's even cuter when she realizes her shoes are just like mommy's. She is my little girl, I see so much of myself in her, even though I see a great deal of her daddy in her too.

My biggest hope is that she continues growing the way that she's been. Happy and healthy, and in leaps and bounds. She has such a little big personality. She has been known to tell her daddy off for expecting her to clean up her mess. 

If only there were lattes under the sea

I have to say, I think I owe mermaids a lot. I was in a slump. I didn't know what to shoot, what to write, what to do basically. My muse had been hiding while I was sick. But I found her, she was hiding in my second love, the sea. What I decided to do was introduce the daily mermaid here on Moon in a Cup. For a while it was a just photos/images that I found that I liked, that I thought were pretty, or interesting. Now that hasn't changed much, but what has changed is that I've starting adding words, thoughts, poems, songs to the images. My muse had come back, and she is a mermaid. I should have known.


Seafoam Latte by `GoblinQueeen

The reason why mermaids collect treasuries

Mermaids collect treasuries to remind themselves of the sea. When they shed their skin and walk on land, they need to remind themselves who they are. Cause if they forget who they are, they forget why they came on land, they forget where they came from.


mermaid by =theluckynine