Real photographers don't need fancy equipment

There's this weird perception that to be a real photographer you need to have the top of the line, fancy, expensive camera. Which is just plain wrong.

I've seen photographers take amazing photos on 1mp cameras. On disposable cameras. On gasp camera photos.

What makes a real photographer is their eye. Their intuition for a great shot. Their knowledge. The ability to see the big picture.

Do I have a fancy, expensive camera? Yes I do. I also have a camera phone that I take everywhere with me. I also have a 35mm SLR.

And you know what? I take great shots on each camera.

You want my actual portfolio I can show you that. You want to see the weddings I shot (on my 35mm manual camera) I can show you that. I want you to see my business name and remember you I will post on my blog or Instagram or Facebook.

There's a difference.

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