Flowers and frogs oh my

Summer is starting to wind down, just a bit. Not that it means anything for my kids since they are too young for school. But it does mean the days are growing hotter, then colder. I've cherished this summer with my little ones. Ariel being old enough to actually go do things, AJ growing and changing.

All in all, I would say it was a pretty good summer. The younger me might have thought it was a drag, being broke and not having my own car (and to be honest at some points I thought the same thing). But really it was fun. I've spent time with my kids, my friends. We've played outside, in the sprinklers, with sidewalk chalk. Picnics and parties. Pools and lemonade. We have a few things left to do but all in all it was a great summer.

And we still have one more month of it. Few things that we are definitely going to try and do is a drive in movie, a day at the beach, camping in the backyard, and a favorite from my younger days SUN TEA! (There might be some lemonade too.)

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