The more things change the more they stay the same

Once again I cut my hair off to donate. After taking so long to grow my hair out to were I could play with it, and learn all the cool braids. I go and chop it off. I blame Magaly, she donated her's and gave me the bug. At least someone will get a lovely redhead wig from it.

Looks like things with the ex might be leading to where we were before. Talks of being together, of the future ... and of moving to Texas. This time inviting the girl so that at least I will have someone I know there.

Been in a stalemate with my DSLR that needs to stop. I really need to get some new shots that aren't off my iPhone. Think I will talk to my friends about setting up some model shoots. So that I can shoot someone besides my kids (even if I love to shoot them).

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