And then mommy really needed a sick day

So I've been completely unmotivated for the most part. I am just getting over strep throat for the second time. This photo was taken when I could actually talk again. You don't even want to see how bad my throat was. It was almost swollen shut.

I kind of screwed myself, I totally forgot to sit and actually use the Google gift card for advertising I had. I went to use the other day and realized it expired last month. sigh

Then we had some gorgeous weather and of course I wanted nothing to do with it cause I was sick. I need to set up some model shoots so that I can apply to Model Mayhem. I think I have a model to help me with that. Just need to actually get time to get with her.  


  1. Oh geeze, gf! I hope you kick that streps butt soon! Ugh! I feel for ya! ~hugs~

    1. Almost done with my antibiotics I just have to make sure I don't get it again sigh


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