The more things change the more they stay the same

Once again I cut my hair off to donate. After taking so long to grow my hair out to were I could play with it, and learn all the cool braids. I go and chop it off. I blame Magaly, she donated her's and gave me the bug. At least someone will get a lovely redhead wig from it.

Looks like things with the ex might be leading to where we were before. Talks of being together, of the future ... and of moving to Texas. This time inviting the girl so that at least I will have someone I know there.

Been in a stalemate with my DSLR that needs to stop. I really need to get some new shots that aren't off my iPhone. Think I will talk to my friends about setting up some model shoots. So that I can shoot someone besides my kids (even if I love to shoot them).

For the love of hair someone is getting a lovely wig

You're like in love with your lips, damn right

It’s really good to hear your voice saying my name
It sounds so sweet
Coming from the lips of an angel
Hearing those words it makes me weak
And I never wanna say goodbye
But girl you make it hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel
(And I never wanna say goodbye)
But girl you make it so hard to be faithful
With the lips of an angel
Honey why are you calling me so late

And then mommy really needed a sick day

So I've been completely unmotivated for the most part. I am just getting over strep throat for the second time. This photo was taken when I could actually talk again. You don't even want to see how bad my throat was. It was almost swollen shut.

I kind of screwed myself, I totally forgot to sit and actually use the Google gift card for advertising I had. I went to use the other day and realized it expired last month. sigh

Then we had some gorgeous weather and of course I wanted nothing to do with it cause I was sick. I need to set up some model shoots so that I can apply to Model Mayhem. I think I have a model to help me with that. Just need to actually get time to get with her.  

Sometimes I feel truly blessed

Fireworks, swimming, and happy faces

Heaven is a quad shot

My faeries don't sparkle with fairy dust, finally finished

So you may remember that I wrote a story for Magaly's blog party, Sexy, Dark and Bloody. Well I wrote the beginning of a story. Yes with all the craziness going on in Faeryland I hadn't finished it. Well now I have! It's up at my new fiction blog, see that tab up there "Writings From Faerie" click it! Or click this The Faerie Mound.


Image: Faerie by *Elentori

Sunburns, tan lines and fraying sandals

It's Batman AJ to the rescue!