I think someone finally grew up

So if you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know all about my love/hate relationship with AJ's dad. I love him as a friend, but I hate him with how he was acting about having a kid.

Well he is home on leave and it looks like active duty might have finally made him grow up. I'm shocked, amazed, and happy. Not even just for AJ's sake but he does have a wife and daughter.

Anyway I talked with him about the whole child support thing. Being on TA in NY and receiving child support sucks! Basically they screwed me over and made the obligation amount $50 (a month) and at one point while I was still on TA I was only getting the $50 a month but AJ's dad was paying $600 a month! That was more than I was getting in TA! What sort of sense does that make?

Anyway .... all of us met up tonight to talk about and let AJ and his sisters play. His dad wants to not only up his child support but he wants to pay more than the required 17% of his income, and he wants to start doing the visitation again. Not only that but wants to know if his wife can still take AJ while he's away on active duty. Which is fine by me cause I want him to have a stable life with his dad.

I couldn't believe what was coming out of this guy's mouth. I was like wait is this the same guy that wanted me to abort AJ? I guess we are constantly surprising each other. I remember telling him once that if I had gotten the abortion I would have hated him for the rest of my life, and his response was "you don't hate me?"

We have a ... unique relationship, to say the least.


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