No soda means mommy takes a trip to the ER

I spent a lovely night in the ER thanks to AJ not napping and being cranky. He tried to steal my Starbucks. I said no. Then he decided he wanted soda. I said no soda.

This is where things got bad.

He decided that no soda was a very bad  answer. He took the 2L bottle of soda and hurled it at my foot. It landed cap first onto my foot. In an attempt to walk away I collapsed to the floor and cried like a baby while holding my foot. Then I called my mommy to come take me to the ER. Since ya know I couldn't drive myself. Plus papa had to stay and watch the kids.

Thankfully it was a short visit. And thank the ever loving Goddess I didn't break anything. I just have a very bad sprain. The longest part was waiting on the x-rays to be read. But then they wrapped me up and shipped me off with a cane. I feel like House now.

I also fear my next trip down will be a concussion from AJ getting a hold of the cane >.<


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