I run on Starbucks not Dunkin

There was an interesting thought my mom brought to my attention the other day. She saw that I had tweeted that my daughter was going to her father's this weekend. I didn't understand the problem. She said she thought I would only tweet more "professional things" from my "professional" Twitter. My inner voice yelled: 
But then I would never tweet!
I told her I was responding to a fellow photographer and blogger, Sarah from One Starry Night.

Not just that but honestly I don't want to be the normal photographer. I want to shoot alt models. I shot a Suicide Girls shoot. I don't take the normal look and smile family portraits. I capture moments, memories. I'm the ninja photographer.

That is what I want to do. I want to make a statement. A personality. I want to be remembered for my amazing photo skills. Professional is dull. You need to spice it up.

I'm Amanda Jillian aka your Faerie Barista of Moon in a Cup. I run on Starbucks not Dunkin  =p


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