When you're too tired to tell the difference is it Mommy Burn Out or PPD?

I got an email the other day from Hannah at Full Time Nanny to check out one of her posts, she thought that it might be something that would interest my audience (impressive right? audience) after checking it out, I thought it would since it ties in with a lot going on in my life.

I mean I don't have all the signs, but I do have a good amount of them. But I started wondering after I read it, how many of those signs are from Mommy Burn Out and how much is from my PPD? Also how much is from the added stress of just being dumped.

Or do I have Mommy Burn Out cause I was dumped and now I am left with both kids 24/7 (not to mention my grandparents)? I mean it opened up a lot of questions. Not just about whether I do indeed have it but just how much are moms, single or not, suppose to handle? 

I've been posting a lot on my personal Facebook that I just feel like I can't do anything right or that I'm damned if I do damned if I don't. No matter what you do as a parent there is always someone who is going to say you are doing it wrong. I'm pretty sure that's what's happening with me. Maybe I got all of it.


  1. Having two kids 24/7 = hard work, single handed and without support from a partner = even harder work. Tiredness accounts for a lot of what you are feeling, as does not having another adult to talk to on a daily basis.
    Dance every day. Just put the radio on and let it happen, the kids can join in too if they want.
    Every evening, find one thing that went well. Write down the silly things that your kids say, and take lots of photos, because the PPD will reduce your ability to remember the things that you want to remember (I learnt this one the hard way: I remember what my first-born's first words were but not my second child's).
    Make sure that you spend time with other adults, even if you have to take your little ones with you (my friends got used to the fact that I came as a set of three) several times a week.
    Find an community learning centre or college somewhere with a crèche and enrol in a class, anything you like, just as long as it's something for you.

    1. Thanks Claire. I do make sure to get out with other adults, its hard cause some of them don't have kid appropriate homes. I take lots of photos, and usually facebook the silly things the kids do. I try to journal but don't get the time often enough. I might do the class but for right now I'm starting up my photo business, it's something I've been waiting to do for a while and I finally went and bought myself a DSLR.


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