My faeries may sparkle but not with "fairy dust"

I proudly proclaim that I do believe in faeries, I do, I do.

When I do this thoughts run through people's head, or sometimes right out of their mouths. That I've watched too much Peter Pan and Hook. That I've read too many fairy tales as a kid. That I think magic works a la Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. But there's something that people don't get.

My faeries don't sparkle with "fairy dust," or glitter. They aren't pretty and pink and rainbows.

Oh no, my faeries are sexy, dark, and bloody (that's what they are sparkly with people).

My faeries are deeply connected to the Earth. They are Goddess worshipers. My faeries embrace the primal side of life. My faeries know how to have fun. They are fun and mischievous. They want to help humans become more like them again. They want to teach humans to become more in touch with Nature, both the Earth and their own.

The Faerie Mound

The full round moon hangs up in the sky. It beckons things to come out and play. To shed disguises and pretenses. To come and play around the faerie mound.

Upon the hill sits a door, a hidden door. Only those with the sight can see. It’s not usual for a Sighted one to glance on the Unseelie Court. But it isn’t unheard of.

In the full moon, the Faeries become brave. They want to commune with their Mother Moon. They want to embrace their true nature. Through the hidden door they go. Out into the human world they are seen by the Sighted One.

She heard the stories. She wanted to see. Although warned by her grandmother not to look upon them. She went to the faerie mound to see if she could actually see them. See them she did.

Riley got more than she bargained for. She watched as the faeries emerge. Though some were strange to her eyes, they were alluring. There was something about them that she just couldn’t look away from. Girls with the thinnest bodies that their backs were concaved, men with lower fangs jutting from their mouths, a woman wearing what looked like spider webs with what looked to be bloody wings.

Then she was spotted. Luckily for her, even though she didn’t know it at the time, it was by a traded faerie. A Seelie courtier, a pawn to broker peace, who was more than slightly changed by his new surroundings.

Where the Unseelie might have sex and then kill a human for sport. Seelies usually kept them as pets of sorts, a concubine in better cases.

He noticed Riley watching, he had a certain fondness for human females. He found them soft and comforting. Little did he know she was Sighted, and saw them for what they truly were. Even the most human looking faeries, are not. He walked to her, “Miss are you aware that the faeries you are watching would blind you for looking upon them,” hoping to startle her.

“I know there are faeries, and I know you are one too. If you came and told me, it means you aren’t the kind to kill me?” Riley had in turn managed to startle the faerie courtier.

“My you are a clever girl. You may call me Puck,” the courtier smiled as he licked his lips. 

(to be continued another night)

Check out Writings From Faerie to read the story in whole.


  1. Oh my bloody goodness, it seems to me that Puck is getting ready to take a bite... of something ;-)


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