And then I get dumped through text messages

Dumped by ~Pure-Poison89

Yeah, you read that right. After all the pain and bullshit and everything that he put me through. After having a horrible pregnancy and then delivering a premature baby. (That he purposely knocked me up with no matter what he says now.) He dumped me. Through text message.

I'm still processing but I can say that I don't cry anymore at the mere thought of it. It's hard and definitely messed something bad with my head.

One thing I do know is it stops here. No more of this going back and forth. No more of this running back and saying he messed up and I forgive him. I can't do it. I've been waiting since the last time he broke up with me for him to get bored and do it again. I thought that maybe being the best mom I could and staying home and him knowing what I'm doing would be enough. But it wasn't.

And just knowing that he could do this at the point in my life when I need him the most, when I need help the most, it's given me the strength to be stronger, it's given me the resolve to say "fuck you" if he dares tries to get back with me.

Well I'm off to watch my brother and see my friend with coffee and hopefully finish and order more paperwork.


  1. Hang on in there.
    Sounds like you're better off without him, and not having him in your life, will make your life simpler and possibly easier too eventually.
    I've have been there and done that. You've done everything you could to keep a family together, now it's time to walk away from him. You won't regret this decision.

    1. Thanks sweetie, I know it will get better and I know there's a reason for it. It just hurts.

  2. The power is within, you can get through this, you don't want someone around that precious babe of yours that makes you unhappy :( Sorry, just came from Magaly's blog & saw your post, please be strong, believe in yourself & your child & realise you deserve someone who loves you fulltime - nothing less. Big hugs xoxo

    1. Thank you darling, I'm getting better each day.

  3. i'm sorry girl. i sent you email. big big hugs to you


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