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I love my fellow bloggers, I really do, especially ones like me that are just starting out. I love reading what you wrote. I love seeing your photos. You have a Pinterest account great. I love that I can follow you on pretty much every social media outlet there is ...... but you are just one click, one step away from pure awesomeness!

Add a follow by email option! 

This may sound kind of horrible but I don't always have time to go through my Google reader, usually it's a specific day that I lock the kids up manage to find uninterrupted time to sit and open up a few blogs on there. Most night I go to sleep with about 5 tabs open of things I want to make sure I check out in the morning. I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old (wow already!) that are very active and think that it's great fun to watch mommy pull her hair out, or do it themselves, whichever. And normally they want nothing to do with me till I open the MacBook up, then they want to compute. 

What I'm trying to say in that rambling babble is that I really rely emails with blog updates. Those are the ones that get my most constant and reliable attention. Why? Cause I can scroll through and see if there is anything that interest me, or if you are a favorite blogger of mine then I just automatically click and go to your blog. But I need that email to tell me, alert me that there is new content for you! I want to see that new content! I want to know what you thought was on your mind! 

I have used both WordPress and Blogger. Both offer you a one click set up for email follow up. It's really not that hard, and it honestly makes you much more desirable. You also get to pretty much instantly tell your followers "hey look something for you to read!" Also almost every single stinking blog I read about blog tips, way to get my readers, what to do to help "make" it as a blogger, etc tells you to add a Follow By Email option. So go do it, and let me know! 

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