St. Patrick's Day is not what you think it is.

So I've had a The Wild Hunt post up for quite a few days now. I have been wanting to write about it, why you ask? Cause I'm Irish, not purely Irish, but half Irish, I look Irish, people assume that I'm all Irish. I'm also Pagan. So when I don green apparel and celebrate St. Patrick's Day I get grief from other Pagans, cause don't you know it's all about him kicking Pagans out of Ireland.

Well guess what it's not!

I've always said, it's just a way for me to celebrate one part of my hereditary. A part that I don't really know that much about since it's my father's side and I don't really know my father or his family that much. Besides that we are Irish, that family legend says we are descended from Merlin that taught Arthur Pendragon, and that I look like them.

But it's just like the cross tattoo I have on the nape of my neck. You're Pagan why do you have a Christian symbol on your neck, cause originally it wasn't and I love crosses, but that's another post.

Anyway what I found out from reading The Wild Hunt's post is that this whole snakes means Pagans is just a big misunderstanding, from someone that made the association that the Druids had serpent tattoos. There's also the fact, and this is what always got me, that Paganism was still strong after St. Patrick was there. Plus Christianity was already present in Ireland before St. Patrick got there.

The thing that everyone focuses on is that there were no snakes in Ireland, so it must have been a metaphor for something else. But here's were those sneak Christians get us, they added this onto St. Patrick's sainthood hundreds of years after he died, and they added it cause the miracle is there were no snakes. See it's fool proof, they say he got rid of the snakes, there were no snakes, and probably never will be, so it must be a miracle from God.

So next time someone says that you shouldn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day if your Pagan, tell him it's just an excuse to celebrate your Irish-ness, and that the whole snakes are Pagans thing is a Christian myth. Or just say your a Druid serpent. =]
Here's my reason for celebrating St. Patrick's Day



  1. I'm so glad that The Wild Hunt did that post though the number of blogs I saw continuing that myth was huge. Hopefully next year will be better.

    I've always thought of St. Patrick's day as a Irish heritage festival at its heart when taken separate from green beer.

    I hope you had a good day. :-)

    1. That's what I've always taken it at too. I loved that The Wild Hunt did that post, and I wanted to add my thoughts to it.

      Hope you had a good day as well =]


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