I need a Routine, oh wait I have one

For a while I kept saying that I need to get a routine down. That I need to start making some sense of my day. Setting aside time for things. It wasn't till I was down for the count with strep throat and my funny antics of 104 fevers, that I realized wait I do have a routine. Cause now trying to get back into it sucks.

I was checking my emails, posting on here, writing under my pen name, drinking a good amount of water, and cleaning the house.

Now though, geez. I've been trying to write a story for days and can't get it done. I'm lacking on the blog posts, I am doing the photo a day challenges but that's about it. I keep letting my emails pile up and not doing my surveys. I've been pretty good on cleaning up the house even with Grandma making messes everywhere. And my water drinking has been horrible. I think it's cause it hurt to swallow so I just wasn't drinking anything.

So now that I realize I do have a routine I'm trying my damnest to get back into it. I am adding yoga into my routine, this whole waking up with my back killing me has got to go.

Routine by ~ejbrown


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