March Photo Challenge: Day 24


March Photo Challenge: Day 23

Hair scarf I made yesterday, not sure if I like it, bad photos though


March Photo Challenge: Day 22

Not my photo but my comfort


March Photo Challenge: Day 21


St. Patrick's Day is not what you think it is.

So I've had a The Wild Hunt post up for quite a few days now. I have been wanting to write about it, why you ask? Cause I'm Irish, not purely Irish, but half Irish, I look Irish, people assume that I'm all Irish. I'm also Pagan. So when I don green apparel and celebrate St. Patrick's Day I get grief from other Pagans, cause don't you know it's all about him kicking Pagans out of Ireland.

Well guess what it's not!

I've always said, it's just a way for me to celebrate one part of my hereditary. A part that I don't really know that much about since it's my father's side and I don't really know my father or his family that much. Besides that we are Irish, that family legend says we are descended from Merlin that taught Arthur Pendragon, and that I look like them.

But it's just like the cross tattoo I have on the nape of my neck. You're Pagan why do you have a Christian symbol on your neck, cause originally it wasn't and I love crosses, but that's another post.

Anyway what I found out from reading The Wild Hunt's post is that this whole snakes means Pagans is just a big misunderstanding, from someone that made the association that the Druids had serpent tattoos. There's also the fact, and this is what always got me, that Paganism was still strong after St. Patrick was there. Plus Christianity was already present in Ireland before St. Patrick got there.

The thing that everyone focuses on is that there were no snakes in Ireland, so it must have been a metaphor for something else. But here's were those sneak Christians get us, they added this onto St. Patrick's sainthood hundreds of years after he died, and they added it cause the miracle is there were no snakes. See it's fool proof, they say he got rid of the snakes, there were no snakes, and probably never will be, so it must be a miracle from God.

So next time someone says that you shouldn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day if your Pagan, tell him it's just an excuse to celebrate your Irish-ness, and that the whole snakes are Pagans thing is a Christian myth. Or just say your a Druid serpent. =]
Here's my reason for celebrating St. Patrick's Day


March Photo Challenge: Day 20

Ariel wrecking the place.

March Photo Challenge: Day 19

Playing in this very yard. The days spent running wild and free. Wearing pretty frilly dresses because I told my mom girls wear dresses and then muddy-ing them up.

March Photo Challenge: Day 18

I don't have kids I have wolves.

When life throws you curve balls, on postpartum depression

You might have noticed I've been off my blogging game. There's a good reason for that. I've had a week from hell. There's been crying, breakdowns, fights, and me being left alone with the kids and my grandparents. Questioning of my relationship status with the hubs. I've felt like a fool, lost the little confidence I had, then I had to miss my much-needed therapy session.

I'm not sure how much I want to post, how much is my depression, and how much is actually happening. But I do know that hubs has moved back to his parents. That he feels I'm not bringing in the money. That he said he didn't love me during a fight. I also know that he didn't stay here on his nights off like the original agreement was, he also took the car this weekend and tonight.

Insomnia is in full force most of the time now, even though I'm still not getting anything done.

Hubs didn't act as if we were breaking up, but he did shrug off any forms of PDA.

It's a tough spot to be in. My not emotionally or mentally stable enough to handle this. It's a lot. And I had a lot on my plate, to begin with. I am pretty much drowning in responsibility, and I honestly feel like running away most days.

I feel like I'm always the one sacrificing, I'm always the one thinking of the kids first, and myself never. But yet he comes home with games, Blu-rays, flat screen TVs, electronics.

Me? I haven't gotten a trim in months, and I need one. My glasses are krazy glued together. My contacts are ripped and I need to pick up my boxes. I'm not drinking enough water, I'm not really eating. I also broke down and got a pack of cigarettes.

All in all, it's been a hard time. And now I'm stranded at the house. Alone. With a wild boy 3-year-old, a clingy 10-month-old, a wheelchair-bound grandma and a forgetful easy to anger papa. Where I do all the cleaning, all the feeding, cooking, and chasing. I get screamed at, called names, pulled in 4 directions.

I offered to try and get a part-time job, in exchange for hubs cutting back on his spending. I was told it was his money he worked for. I feel as though I'm being told to take care of everything so he can play with his toys.

I just wanted to get it out there, let you know what's going through my head. Let you know that if I'm short or I have disappeared from my usual cyber haunts, you know why.

This was mainly to get some of this out of my head, lay it out, write it down, get it out of my head and be able to read it over. Plus you guys are my support system.

Better Help explains how couples therapy works 

March Photo Challenge: Day 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day! From me and the green monsters! Plus some photos that I found on Facebook.

March Photo Challenge: Day 16

My work. Cleaning up after the strawberry monster.

March Photo Challenge: Day 15

March Photo Challenge: Day 14

March Photo Challenge: Day 13

Not mine but I wish it was! Found on Facebook.

March Photo Challenge: Day 12

Breakfast, lunch, snack.

March Photo Challenge: Day 11

A few of my designs from years past I used to like drawing clothes.

March Photo Challenge: Day 10

March Photo Challenge: Day 9

March Photo Challenge: Day 8

March Photo Challenge: Day 7

March Photo Challenge: Day 6

You are just one click away from awesomeness

I love my fellow bloggers, I really do, especially ones like me that are just starting out. I love reading what you wrote. I love seeing your photos. You have a Pinterest account great. I love that I can follow you on pretty much every social media outlet there is ...... but you are just one click, one step away from pure awesomeness!

Add a follow by email option! 

This may sound kind of horrible but I don't always have time to go through my Google reader, usually it's a specific day that I lock the kids up manage to find uninterrupted time to sit and open up a few blogs on there. Most night I go to sleep with about 5 tabs open of things I want to make sure I check out in the morning. I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old (wow already!) that are very active and think that it's great fun to watch mommy pull her hair out, or do it themselves, whichever. And normally they want nothing to do with me till I open the MacBook up, then they want to compute. 

What I'm trying to say in that rambling babble is that I really rely emails with blog updates. Those are the ones that get my most constant and reliable attention. Why? Cause I can scroll through and see if there is anything that interest me, or if you are a favorite blogger of mine then I just automatically click and go to your blog. But I need that email to tell me, alert me that there is new content for you! I want to see that new content! I want to know what you thought was on your mind! 

I have used both WordPress and Blogger. Both offer you a one click set up for email follow up. It's really not that hard, and it honestly makes you much more desirable. You also get to pretty much instantly tell your followers "hey look something for you to read!" Also almost every single stinking blog I read about blog tips, way to get my readers, what to do to help "make" it as a blogger, etc tells you to add a Follow By Email option. So go do it, and let me know! 

March Photo Challenge: Day 5

iPhone Text-ography


March Photo Challenge: Day 4

Pregnant with AJ, that was my hair after blow drying AND a flat iron

Tongue ring

I miss the beach

Yeah I was always a redhead

Mommy no photos my hair is a mess!

Me and my mommy!

The Little Mermaid smile
Yeah snake bites