Playing Catch Up Photo-a-day Challenge

So after my last post I awoke Valentine's Day after feeling run down to a 104 fever. After a trip to the doctor's I found out I had a very bad case of strep throat, that test that usually takes 5 minutes, yeah it took mine like 30 seconds to turn positive. Then there was a nice mix up with my meds, where I didn't look and wound up taking 2 Prozacs instead of antibiotics, wasn't aware I had it filled and waiting for me. But I'm finally on the mend, my throat still hurts but not as much, I've just the lovely "death" cough, and it takes me a few minutes before I feel light headed from doing something.

Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16: I forgot so this is what I had
Day 17: that's not even all of them
Day 18: yes we need a new screen
And I am caught up!

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