I Did Change ONE Thing!

I'm happy to say that I did manage to change one thing so far. I made more room in our room!

Hint! Hint! I need a yoga mat!

Not completely done but I have enough space to put down a yoga mat, now I just need one. But the point is that we have space now. Ariel is thrilled and is crawling all over. She also has figured out that she can pull the tote box with her toys out. She is getting a lot more independent. She's such a big girl now too.

I swear she was a preemie!

Can you believe my little preemie girl is 8 months old? She also weighs in at 19 pounds! She is crawling all over the place. Climbing on things. Pulling herself. She's even starting to try to walk. She stands up and just lets go, but unfortunately she falls and starts crying.

I can get to my dresser again!

Now I just need to get the canvas drawers for the kids shelving, and that is all done. I also happy to finally have my command hooks up so that hubby will stop throwing everything on the floor. Of course once our room is decluttered and organized I have to start on the used-to-be-computer-room-but-suppose-to-be-the-kids-room and that one is going to take sometime. Especially since Papa keeps buying more toys, and big ones at that.


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