Does Magic Run in the Blood?

Of the Moon by ~FallingToPieces

Now I might be the only Witch in my family. I'm also the only Pagan. But it wasn't always that way. I believe that Magic runs in our blood, just not all of my family acknowledge it. (At least my mom's family cause I have no clue about what my father's family practices.)

See my personal blood lines are very strong in Magic. I've always had a natural born talent for witchcraft. I've also always known that I was Pagan, just didn't always know the name.

I am German, Irish, and Cherokee. 

But if you dig a little deeper you will also find out that my father's family is descendent from Merlin, yes the Merlin we all know so well that taught Arthur Pendragon. They even pass along the name through the ages. Yup my grandfather is Merlin, my father's middle name is Merlin. So I got the blood of the bards, the Druids there. Check one for Magic blood.

Next we move to my German blood. Now before we bring up the whole Nazi thing, let me point out. I have Gypsy blood. So we were prosecuted too. I have proof. I also have stories of a family member having their little brother's baby carriage pushed off a moving train by Nazis. So yeah, don't go there. Magic blood check two.

Lastly my Cherokee blood. It might be a little diluted but it's there. If you look at these cheekbones you can definitely see it. I even occasionally get told I get my red hair from my Cherokee blood, here I thought it was the Irish. But I know for a fact that I have Medicine power. But I am from Shamans. Magic blood check three.

So there you have it. I may be the only one to embrace it so far. AJ is certainly on the path to being a little witchy boy, and I'm sure Ariel will follow too. But I think it is semi-hereditary at least. It gives you the potential.

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