I dub thee Christmas Magic Jars

Now not on purpose I totally forgot about Santa gifts. I mean how mean of me. Karlee's mommy reminded us to make sure there was a gift from Santa for her. Which slightly irks me but that is another story.

But in keeping with my Yule domestic feeling I decided to make them something. I looked and looked for some ideas on the interwebz but alas couldn't find anything that I could a) afford and b) make in time. Then I remembered the cute little tins I bought when i got the Santa gift bags. I couldn't pass them up, so I grabbed one each of the different designs not knowing what I would use them for.

Well Yule came around and I went out again to Michael's and got silver glitter, white glitter (called fairy dust funnily enough), snowflake confetti, silver ribbon, and cute little jingle bell ornaments. And this is what I got!

I dub thee Christmas Magic!
 I put in the confetti and add the glitter till I thought they looked about right. Then I used my gift tags from last year, little Santa hats and tied them and the ornaments on with the ribbon. If you shake them up it looks like a little snowstorm with never melting snowflakes! Best part is the tins have openers so I just didn't add them to the ribbon so little hands won't be opening them.

I think Karlee's came out best though, probably cause she has a snowflake design on her tin. What do you think?


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